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Situated in Bangkok, the must visit Namsaah Bottling Trust is an interestingly cool and quirky restaurant. This converted villa is certainly eclectic, decorated with a colourful mosaic tiled entrance, pink exterior, white shutter windows and and chandelier. You are drawn in by this and the interesting choice of music which reaches out and grabs the attention of you eyes and ears.


We enter the establishment with curiosity. Once inside, the decoration of the exterior is further extended through and as you walk in, the main wall as you walk in is blue with glittering silver leopards. We are taken up stairs where there are a number of separate dining areas with ostrich feather chandeliers, purple rhino heads looking down at you, old fashioned floor standing lights with colourful shades lined with tassels. The furniture is Victorian Era with dark wooden chairs, colourful pink couches with intricate joinery and lush drapes in the internal door way between dining areas. The white table cloths are the only thing that resembles your standard restaurant.


A friendly waitresses in her bright pink dress originally greeting us in the car park, it was a wet night, but do not despair, we were provided with umbrellas, bright pink of course. Once seated we were provided with the menus, it was a little dark to read, this we believe was by design to play to your other senses. We were provided mini flash lights and browsed the menus.


As with the restaurant setting, we were also excited by the cocktail menu. The first page setting their ground rules, removing the wanky gimmicks ie. no mason jars, no cotton candy, no mention of the word ‘prohibition’ and more importantly no cocktails with more ice than alcohol, so you are guaranteed for a stiff drink. This list will not disappoint, making it almost impossible to select. The ‘sang som salted caramel whisky sour’ was a clear standout. The ‘mademoiselle chang’s fix’ was an interesting blend of tea, banana liqueur, passion fruit egg white and rose bud, which works perfectly. They certainly nail the whisky cocktails and ‘the Namsaah Libre’, served out of a cola bottle with specialised pink label filled with a concoction of turkey, lime juice, bitters, vanilla and coca cola was excellent.




Food wise, the menu is a Thai fusion and perfect for sharing. The salmon tartare in crisp wonton skin taco’s with a bit of Asian flare with flavour combinations, not too different to the Mexican origin of tacos. The favourite starter were the momos, bite sized steamed wagyu beef dumpling with a Thai flavour infused through a sweet pepper sauce. The yellow fin tuna ceviche marinated in coconut milk with green chilli was a nice fresh and light starter.


For the mains we shared some beautifully cooked roast duck served with a sweet chilli with a touch of curry flavour, this dish is definitely recommended. Not something we would usually order was the black pepper tofu. but we are glad we did. This dish was not lacking in flavour and had plenty of spice. The texture of the tofu was sumptuous and we were glad our choice of something different was rewarded with this tasty meal.


This place is a must visit if in Bangkok, it ticks all the boxes; Namsaah Bottling trust is interesting and exciting, combining good food with even better cocktails a great atmosphere and a decor that will have you thinking you are Alice in wonderland or in a Dr Seuss book. Very well done!


Namsaah Bottling Trust

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