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I love Pho is not only the name of the restaurant we visited but a true statement of our feelings towards it. Situated in the heart of Crows Nest is this Gem of a Vietnamese restaurant, serving up tasty traditional cuisine.

23468222_10159636713430008_1534279370_oThe restaurant also has a traditional aesthetic look and feel which also reflects the style of food. With bamboo lining the walls and Vietnamese themed art, it feels welcoming and genuine. The service was prompt and super friendly and our waiter was extremely charismatic. Upon looking at the menu it was nice to see this restaurant is involved with a charity that helps the children of Vietnam, with 50c from every meal going towards building schools in regional areas. It is wonderful and is inspiring to see that this restaurant gives back.

The menu items sport a list of Vietnamese favourites with an emphasis on flavour. For starters, we couldn’t go past their amazing spring rolls with a crispy rice paper shell filled with a flavoursome pork filling. We also tried the warm freshly steamed rice paper rolls too. The sugarcane prawns are another good option. There is a nice subtle sweetness from the prawn paste and the sugarcane, which itself also edible and provides some texture.

A new addition to the menu are the signature bao bun with crispy pork. Highly recommend as an entree choice.


Bun Xeo is always on the hit list, Especially the roast duck variety of this crispy Vietnamese pancake/crepe which stems from the French colonial influence. This was a great version of this dish with a crepe that was nice and crisp, and this is not always the case when we have ordered this dish at other places. Plenty of filling beansprouts and roast duck, as well as mint and salad on the side and also comes with a sweet and sour sauce for added flavour.


This was a return visit, on the initial visit we had Pho on our mind, the rich flavour of Hoi’an style broth brewed for 24 hours and it certainly hit the mark. This time I had another delicious soup on my mind. A soup with a bit of spice, the Bun bo hue. The Bun bo hue was on point the soup having done its time to develop rich flavour and had a nice amount of spice. This soup is not only tasty, it was also quite filling with plenty of meat and noodles.


The vermicelli bowl which came with BBQ pork skewers and a flavour packed marinated pork was also a generous serve. The pork this time had a lot more flavour than most, probably one of our favourites.


I love Pho is a great Vietnamese restaurant serving quality traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The food is reasonably priced, the servings are large and the service friendly. Well worth a visit and we will be back.

Thank you to Ompty for the invitation to dine and to the restaurant for its hospitality.


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