Banh Meats & Co tweaking an old favourite.

We love a good Banh Mi and had been hearing about Banh Meats & Co for a while. We can thank Zomato for arranging the visit. Banh meats is located in Burwood, just a short distance from Westfield and the train station. The shop itself is set up for take away, with a few tables to dine in. It is a casual dining space with a modern fit out and we liked the decor. Order at the counter, grab a table and get ready to hoe in.

We were happy to see that Banh Meats & Co had a coffee machine and ordered a coffee whilst deciding on food. There were also a number of cold drinks on offer including; juice, soft drinks and frappes.

There are of course a range of Banh Mi, served on burger buns or baguettes, they also do salads if you are watching you weight or just like those better. In addition to this, they have the Banh meats version of a snack pack, that can be customised. Our snack pack was a concoction of potato gems, topped with mac n cheese, some diced spanish onion, challots, coriander, pickles and soft shell crab. Go nuts!

The Banh Mi here are pimped out with different types of meat you won’t find on your traditional roll including soft shell crab, fried chicken, roast pork and smoked beef brisket. The roast pork served on a baguette was insanely huge, the meat nice and tender with crisp crackling and this baguette filled with the same salad ingredients served on a traditional Banh mi including pickled carrot. We also added a soft egg for good measure.

The round Banh mi served on a burger bun was also a great option, if you prefer the softness of a bun over a crunchy baguette. The fried chicken variety was a favourite. It had a good batter, not too oily, the chicken succulent, served with fresh salad, bacon and some mac n cheese. This burger didn’t last long.

Banh meats and Co has some tasty food on offer, perfect if you are looking for a quick bite. Yes, Banh Meats & Co is a little more expensive than your traditional banh mi. Keep in mind this is not your hole in the wall joint with a questionable food safety record and they have upped the game by adding quality meats selections.

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