Jamaica Blue Roastery tour for Coffee Appreciation month

When Jamaica Blue reached out to us to visit their roastery in the Australian coffee hub of Melbourne for caffeine appreciation month, we jumped at the opportunity.


Jamaica Blue Media Roastery Tour 2

This was a chance to expand our knowledge of the coffee journey from crop to cup and to learn about the Jamaica Blue company. Jamaica Blue’s head of coffee and world latte judge, Jeremy Regan, who took us on a behind the beans tour. His passion for coffee was certainly evident as he told his own personal coffee story and his expert knowledge of all things coffee, giving the full run down from start to finish.  

We had coffee on the brain, the first stop after descending through the fluffy latte froth like clouds to Tullamarine airport, was at the iconic Melbourne coffee roastery of The Bean Alliance Coffee Roaster. This is a creative space is shared by many, encompassing much of the process involved to produce the right type of coffee, from testing, to roasting, packaging and dispatch.

Jamaica Blue’s award winning coffee doesn’t just happen, there are many processes that contribute to that perfect cup of coffee. This included sourcing the right beans. Jamaica Blue source their beans from six regions across the world. They also work to ensure quality control, blending, roasting and of course, the training of quality barista’s to consistently create a great cup of coffee for their customers.

IMG_7836 There is also a barista training area at the roastery. Simon – Jamaica Blue’s Head of training showed us what it takes to make that perfect cup.

It is also important to acknowledge that customers all have different tastes and coffee choices, so it’s important to get each cup right. It involves getting the doses right, which is a bit of a science, some technique, a good trainer and a lot of practice. Then comes the art, which adds to the experience. 

The experience is something Jamaica Blue prides itself on, drawing on this through their many years of operation doing the ground work, sharing a cup with the village chief at the point of origin, to having the trained barista’s to produce a beautiful cup of coffee and having a place where you can take a break to enjoy it with some wholesome food, in good company or alone. Jamaica Blue is ensuring their customers will consistently have a great visit.

Jamaica Blue Media Roastery Tour 9

 We enjoyed this learning and tasting experience and are very grateful for the invitation. Thank you to Jamaica Blue and Filtered Media for the invitation. 


Jamaica Blue Media Roastery Tour 1

It is Caffeine Appreciation Month, so be sure to grab yourself that perfect cup of coffee. See Jamaica Blue for more details. 


Photos care of filtered media.

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