Break the Chains: Take Action on Modern Slavery with Project Didi


With 40.3 million victims worldwide, modern slavery is a rapid growing crime. This issue is not just statistics – they are people. People whose lives have been affected forever.

It’s time to do something about this. Just as Project Didi do.


Project Didi are a Canberra based charity in collaboration with partner organisations in Nepal. They raise money and run awareness campaigns to reintegrate women and girls affected by sex trafficking and abuse. Women and girls who have experienced these traumatic experiences are faced with extreme challenges when reintegrating to Nepal and with the help of Project Didi, their mission is to enable these women to be full participants of their communities through individualised holistic care and education.

I have personally been involved with Project Didi and have first hand experience myself in Nepal assisting in projects to support and develop the girls under their banner. Having facilitated positive psychology programs, care and compassion, I have also received reciprocal learning experiences as these women share their new found skills in art, craft, administration, cooking, beauty and more.

Break the Chains Forum 

Being fully in support of Project Didi and their programs, I attended a fundraiser and forum for a forum on the eradication of modern slavery through having an awareness of ethical fashion, responsible travel and what we can do!


The panel included:

  • Chris Crewther MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Inquiry into a Modern Slavery Act in Australia who spoke on the hope of the Parliament to soon pass the Modern Slavery Act
  • Gordon Renouf, CEO and co-founder of Good on You, an ethical fashion app encouraging us to research and think before we buy
  • Andrea Nave, CEO of Forget Me Not & leading advocate to end volunteering in orphanages. Make sure you do your due diligence and research before you “voluntour
  • Laura McManus, business & human rights practitioner at Konica Minolta, focusing on ethical supply chains.



This panel was inspirational, offering us alot to think about and what we can do to eradicate modern slavery around the world.

The event was held at The Freedom Hub  a venue completely apt for this event. The Freedom Hub Cafe and Event venue is a business where all profits support the Freedom Hub Survivor School which trains and equips victims of modern slavery to rebuild their lives and regain confidence, being reemployed in freedom. 100 % of profits support survivors!


Project Didi were thankful to their sponsors providing food and drinks for the event. We ate a delicious platter of fruits, cheeses, crackers, desserts and more, prepared by Chomp plus sushi (all gluten free & yum!) from Big Crunch Sushi

Topped off with some beer and cider from The Hills Cider Company & Mismatch Brewing Company


This week begin a new challenge to show your support for the #SomethingForSlavery awareness campaign. These days, many people go to the shops, see a beautiful piece of clothing or pair of shoes, get our their credit card and head home with an awesome new garment. But, how often do you think #WhoMadeMyClothes? Well its time you did. We should know that people around the world are in safe and fair working conditions. Join the fashion Revolution Day and make your purchasing power count.

1. Sign up:
2. Receive 5 weekly challenges.
3. Get aware. Get angry. Get active.
4. Build the movement. Share I am doing #SomethingForSlavery.


What can you do?

  • As a consumer, stand by women in the fashion industry in #forcedlabour (which is approximately 80% women) spend your money on ethical brands
  • Consider – are the brands of your clothes sustainable and ethically sourced? See to search your brands
  • Demand #transparentsupplychains & fair workers’ rights for not only your own workers, but supply chains too


If you’re interested further, please see:

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