Where to get cheap Michelin rated food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with plenty of places to eat and drink. You will find upscale fine dining, cheap eats and chain stores. We are travelling on a budget and thus needed to go for inexpensive options. We are also obviously into our food, so we wanted these cheap options to be good nonetheless. Here is a list of all the places we tried that were under $20 AUD (some under $10) for Michelin starred restaurants.

The term “Michelin Star” is used to award quality restaurants around the world.

Yat Lok 

34-38 Stanley St, Central

Off Pottinger St and parallel to Wellington St is this Gem of a restaurant. A tiny little restaurant that is very popular and famous for their roasted goose. A great chance to get one back on the pond enforcer. We obliged ordering the roast goose with rice, a simple looking dish that was super tasty, even the rice impressed. We also ordered the roast pork noodle soup, the soup topped with little cubes of joy, the pork belly perfectly prepared. Both were incredibly good!



Tsim Chai Kee

98 Wellington Stt

A limited menu at this place specialising in noodle soup with a few different toppings. They do one thing and they do it very well! You can order different toppings including; wonton noodle, fish ball noodle or sliced beef noodle or you can get all three. The three toppings noodle: wonton, fresh mince fish balls and sliced beef. Really good food here, super casual and cheap (around $40 HKD a bowl)


Wang Fu 

65 Wellington st Central 


This is a Beijing style dumpling spot. Very casual and cheap prices (less than $100 HKD for two servings). We had the traditional ‘Goubouli’ pork buns as well was then pork and cabbage dumplings. Sarah prefers the Cantonese style dumplings, but Kurt really liked these. The Goubouli buns were delicious, four for under 40HKD what a bargain!


Lee Kum Kee

Percival St Causeway Bay

From outside there is no English writing to be seen, but head inside and they do have an English menu. A casual and super cheap restaurant and the staff are really lovely here. They do a snake soup set of Duck liver sausage with snake soup and rice. But they combo’d the duck sausage with BBQ pork, we suspect they didn’t think we’d like the duck liver sausage.


The snake soup was not as scary as it sounds, no scales or fangs. The soup itself is very meaty, a hearty stew with thin slivers of kaffir lime leaf adding a flavour kick and a freshness. If you like duck liver, the sausages here will give you that distinct flavour, only intensified ten fold, very tasty.


Probably the best bbq pork we’ve eaten whilst HK. The snake soup was interesting and quite enjoyable. Definitely worth checking this joint out after watching the noon day gun being fired nearby.


Sun Yuen Hing Kee

A range of meats and unfortunately they were out of the suckling pig. We got bbq and roast pork and it was cold and not that great. Came on a bowl of rice. I think your best bet would be to get here early in the day. The lady isn’t very friendly, quite abrupt, however you aren’t here for the service, bring the meat! Super cheap food, but there are better places to eat.


Kai Kai dessert 

29 Ning Po St, Jordan, Kowloon

A place for local desserts. A range of sweet pudding choices that can be served hot or cold. We tried the black sesame soup and Mango Sago. The mango sago is the pick and will have you fishing around with your spoon for the mango chunks. Worth a visit if you like this type of dessert, not really our cup of tea.


I love you dessert bar 

Haven St, Causeway Bay

We walked over 70km’s whilst in HK and stumbled across this gem of a dessert bar. Super small and in a street full of boutique little dessert and coffee shops on Haven st which is a good spot to sample some of the cool local cafe culture. This place specialises in dessert, souffle pancakes in particular. There are a few topping options and we went for the ice cream, strawberries, cream and honeycomb. Hands down the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. So fluffy and out of this world good. We also tried a millefuille – a wafer like dessert filled with a cream and custard middle. This was nice but certainly overshadowed by the pancakes. This is super cheap and a great spot to get your sweet fix in HK. Only a small joint and don’t go too late because they sell out.



Look up Michelin awardees here



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