Middle Eastern Banquet @ The Middle Feast

Named “The Middle Feast: for good reason, the name pretty much says it all. This Merrylands restaurant specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine with Lebanese and Turkish influences. The restaurant is decorated to theme with colourful mosaic hanging lights,  murals and upholstered seating.



Be prepared to feast, this restaurant sure knows how to feed you, the portions are generous to say the least. The Middle Feast also knows how entertain you, with weekend appearances by DJ’s, bands and dancers.


The cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern specialties. This restaurant caters to all and is particularly good for group dining. The banquets are a good way to try a bit of everything and the portions are huge, you will likely have food to take home too. Another plus, the Middle Feast is licensed and is BYO.


Below are the banquet options – perfect for a party or family get together

BANQUET – $40 (Min 2 ppl)


Bread, pickles, hommus, baba ghanouj, garlic sauce

Fries, lamb samboosek, cheese samboosek, salad,

Kafta, chicken and lamb skewers


GRAND BANQUET- $50 (Min 4 ppl ) 

Bread, pickles, hommus, baba ghanouj, garlic sauce, labne,

salad, fries, lamb samboosek, cheese samboosek,

kebbe naye, fried kebbe, ma anik,

Kafta, chicken and lamb skewers


We went for the Grand Banquet which was certainly grand. All of the dips were super tasty, the fattoush salad and tabouleh are always a must. The fries are so moreish – nicely seasoned with chicken salt and there is a serve of garlic sauce for you to dip into, perfection!

The meats all cooked over an open grill, tender, nicely seasoned and full of flavour.

The middle feast also have a shisha lounge, where you can puff on some flavoured tobacco.


It is also ideal for enjoying some tea or aturkish coffee with some sweets. The Knafeh was the goods and they also serve baklava.



A great venue to enjoy a meal, plenty of space, nicely decorated with private dining areas. The menu is extensive, you are sure to find something to your liking.


We were extremely well looked after, with their hospitality skills at their finest. We felt very welcome.

The Middle Feast

8/33/37 Sherwood Rd, Merrylands West NSW 2160

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