Making a Christmas Wreath

When it comes to Christmas time and decorating your home, it’s always nice to have that special homemade touch. That couldn’t be more true for a Christmas Wreath to adorn your front door, showing a gesture of welcoming vibes to guests as they visit.

Making your own Christmas Wreath can be an inexpensive activity so it’s great for your friends and family to do together.

Firstly, get that everyday item, a coat hanger. Stretch it and you have yourself a frame.


Secondly, cover the frame with bundles of greenery and wrap a small piece of regular home twine in a few spots to secure it.


Then, make sure you have an array of different greenery and arrange a pattern or style before you place it on.


Secure your greenery with small pieces of wire and secure it behind the wreath. Overlap each previous piece with the next.


Raid your garden or find a friendly neighbour, or purchase a bunch of flowers you can use to decorate it. Wreaths can be packed with greenery, natives, fresh flowers or even if you would prefer, Christmas decorations and holly also are suitable. You can decorate it all round, off centre or just at the bottom, it’s all down to personal preference.

You’ve then got the top of the coathanger to hang the wreath on the front door! Enjoy making!


What you’ll need

* wreath base/frame
* florist wire
* wire cutters
* Scissors
* Greenery
* Floral decorations
* Twine

Thanks to Violet Lane Flowers for the lesson and St John’s Anglican Church for hosting the activity.

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