Rock and Roll Follies return for “Wanted + Wild” with a new show

“Wanted + Wild, Rock & Roll Follies” is now appearing monthly, showcasing glitz, glam, burlesque and a good dose of Rock and Roll. The crowd is entertained with a night of variety style entertainment of rock and roll dancing, singing, burlesque routines and even some amazing tricks! At only $34 for the show, purchased through Eventbrite, it is good value for a solid night’s entertainment.

The night was again hosted by Porcelain Alice, a showgirl, burlesque dancer and producer. She demonstrated her skills on the evening with her light hearted nonchalant boganesque crude demeanour and profanities, delivering many laughs. Although not advertised as a comedy show, there are many laughs to be had. She is a seasoned performer with a wealth of credentials and her experience and ability to entrance a crowd was apparent.

Dieslel Darling supported the hosting and also performed a routine that took us back to the 80’s in her leotard and sweatbands, performing an incredible acrobatic show on a stationary exercise bike.

The band rolls out the tunes between sets bringing rock classics to the crowd performing some amazing rock and roll numbers. The house band is joined Aussie Rock Legend herself – Christa Hughes , the vocalist of Machine Gun Fellatio, whose voice is incredible. She also did her own routine, a hilarious, albeit crude version of the sound of music’s “my favourite things”.


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As for the Burlesque, this show had it all. Kelly Ann Doll’s impressive rockabilly dancing done at a cracking pace with plenty of sensuality in the performance was certainly entertaining.

Mr Gorski showcased his talents, showing it isnt just about bare skin and sequins, balancing a bottle of alcohol, resting atop a baloon on a knife.

This show was a real eye opener, it was refreshing to see some exciting live cabaret style entertainment in Sydney, with all performers putting on a great show.

It was great alternative to entertaining yourselves at a bar or staring at the footy on TV at the pub. This show was equally enjoyed by both ladies and gents. If you are looking for something to do and a little different, then we thoroughly recommend this. You can also get a range of bar snacks and Wanted + Wild themed drinks to enjoy whilst the show is on.

They’re back May 3 so make sure you get your ticket soon as they do sell out. Fast.

Regarding seating, it is first in best dressed! Or if you buy a VIP ticket, you will be seated at one of the ‘runway’ stage tables! Right in the action.

84 Union St
2009 Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia

Facebook – Wanted + Wild

Thank you to The Society Group for the invitation to experience the show.

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