The Rocks Teppanyaki

Kobe Jones is where it’s at if you want a Japanese banquet, and if you want added theatre to the meal, visit their their restaurant located at the Rocks, “The Rocks Teppanyaki”. This is not what you may experience at an American style Teppanyaki, where you spend half your evening dodging food all night, or trying to catch rice in your bowl, this is traditional Teppanyaki at its finest, where the talented Chef, Yumi Maeyama, hailing from Sapporo, Hokkaido prepares the meal right in front of you at the grill with care and precision.

We enjoyed one of their 9 course banquet menus that can be picked up for a good price on Groupon. All menu items were impeccably prepared on the grill and served straight from grill to plate. Not only a visual experience, the smells and flavours were great, with plenty of umami instilled into every dish. The chef also took her time to converse with us and make it a brilliant dining experience.

To start the degustation style banquet, we were brought out a short sip of Creamy cauliflower soup, with a velvety texture and plenty of flavour. With many more courses ahead, it was appropriately served in an espresso glass.

Following this was a delicious bite, maybe two, of the crab salad and avocado roll, wrapped in kingfish smothered in their rich creamy secret sauce and finished on the grill. We watched the chef as she purposely brought the grill plate to flames to nicely sear the outer layer of the dish.

Poke bowls are all the the rage at the moment, and were used as a palate cleanser in this instance. A fresh dish to mix it up it a little, more of a sashimi salad. With a mix of salad leaf, seaweed, raw kingfish and salmon, this was a nice touch before we got into the main courses.

Next, it is taken up a knotch with the superbly high quality lobster tail, served in half shell, with the chef’s skill evidently on display, busily working to perfectly grill and season this tasty dish, served in a sesame mornay sauce. Absolutely lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed this.

The Japanese are known to cook a good steak and are famouse for their Wagyu, with this restaurant seving many grades of wagyu from 5+ to 9+.

The banquet includes the sirloin cooked at high heat on the grill. Chef cooks it to your preference. This steak full of good oils, so juicy and full of umami, no sauce needed, but it is there if want; a vinegar, miso and teriyaki.

The fat from the sirloin is cooked into little crip pieces, to savour if you wish. The dish is also accompanied with rice crisps for added texture.

This is served with the obligatory bowl of miso soup, to cleanse the palate.

The meal is finished with their sapporo beer Crepe Suzette, a nice light desert to finish the banquet, flambeed in Grand Marinier the flames certainly provide some excitement, as does the orange caramel glaze served with the crepe.

This was a great interactive dining experience in the Rocks. At full price it is $169 for the degustation, but the food served uses premium ingredients and it is expertly prepared in front of you. If this is out of your price range, or you’re not in need of so many courses, A la carte is also available.

Staff were lovely, very friendly and hospitable. The restaurant is located in the heritage area of the rocks in what was once an 1800’s butchery. There is so much history here and they’ve done a great job to keep with the outdoor heritage and indoors, a modern homely style space.

The Rocks Teppanyaki

176 Cumberland St

The Rocks Sydney 2000



Wednesday to Sunday 12pm until 3pm


Monday to Thursday from 6pm
Friday to Sunday from 5.30pm till late

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