World Whisky Day at Black Gate Distillery

It was so good last year, that we returned for World Whisky day at Black Gate Distillery in Mendooran again. We most certainly will also be back next year.

Mendooran where is that? Head over the mountains, though Capertree and Crafty’s Distillery, via Mudgee for a coffee, through Dunny Doo for a top pie shop there, keep heading west and you’ll reach Mendooran.

It’s Autumn, the mornings are a little cooler and the colour of the leaves are changing, in a wonderful spectacle of nature, making for a very scenic drive past the great dividing ranges into country NSW.

Mendooran is a one pub town with a great Aussie Distillery. Black Gate is run by some of the best people you will meet, Brian and Genise. For world whisky day each year, they celebrate by hosting a top day out at their distillery with quality music, booze, BBQ and banter.

Starting at noon, the low and slow BBQ is timed to greet the masses. The crowd of hungry punters that have come from far and wide to have a good time. Everyone slowly arrives and settles in, this year was also celebrating the 10th years of Black Gate and they had every bottle released available for tasting. This great NSW distillery is known for producing cask strength flavour bombs and now a line of sweet peated powerful whiskies.

Enjoy the day savouring the delicious BBQ paired with some of Black Gates whiskies, or some quality drams from behind the bar, including some well put together tasting flights and some great scotch.

Once the sun goes down the celebrations fire up with a few bonfires, some nerve wracking games of giant jenga, bush bowling and dancing. The bands provide a fun atmosphere, as do the great bunch of punters and whisky enthusiasts that attend.

When all is said and done, there is plenty of space to pitch the tent or park the caravan and a few places to stay in town, a short stroll away. Blackgate is a great destination at any time. Check in with Brian and Genise, enjoy country NSW as well as some flavoursome Aussie whisky and Rum.

Black gate distillery

72 Forrest Road

Mendooran NSW 2842

2 thoughts on “World Whisky Day at Black Gate Distillery

  1. rohini says:

    That looks awesome – never knew about it .Do you think its worthwhile to visit days other than the world whisky day ? Would love to try then 🙂

    • thewhereto says:

      Definitely! It is always great to explore the countryside. Check in with Brian and Genise, I am sure they will accomodate. Also check out Craft Works Distillery while you are out there.

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