Pier 2 Art District @ Kaohsiung, Taiwan

A vibrant area, bustling with locals and tourists. Found at Kaohsiung harbour, a set of warehouses built in 1973 has been converted into an art district. It’s super interesting to walk around and see some amazing artworks on the outside of buildings, gigantic sculptures and exhibitions.

Whilst we were there, there were a few exhibitions on, mostly at a $300 TWD entry fee: the emoticon display, ice cream, miniatures and under the sea.

You can certainly take the whole family here as there’s mini train rides for the kids, ice cream and plenty of food stalls to eat at.

C block

This part of the precinct has some pretty cool shops. You can buy a musical box, jewellery stationary, fresh flowers, embroidered clothing and accessories, get a tattoo or even a bite to eat.

We like that you could see the jewellery masters in store engaged in their art.

There’s also artists in house and you can watch them at work.

Wugan books by Chu Chih-Kang

What had to the the coolest libraries we’ve ever seen. Enter behind a black curtain and the store is in darkness, light up by small lamps over each book. They also sold coffees and other drinks and memorabilia. You can’t take photos inside, you’ll have to take our word for it.


Cool little shop that can embroider hats, bags, towels etc. We bought a cute little purse here.

2 Double Dribble

These guys recycle old basketballs into some cool stuff like bags, lanyards, keychains and the like. Very original designs and we bought a little keychain and they gave us one free too.

The Banana Pier

This is a small hall/marketplace in the art district, and at the front has a display on the history of exporting bananas. It was used from 1963-2010 and located right on the harbour.

Where to eat and drink at Pier 2

There’s heaps of cafes, smaller market stores and plenty of ice cream to be had. We had a light lunch, a coffee and of course an ice cream!

Now and then by N.Y.B.C

We found this cafe in the Pier 2 Art District. They have a good range of brunch meals and a wide range of coffees. Single O used and they make milk based coffees, espresso, cold brew and plenty of teas and shakes. We also enjoyed a few of their salads; the chicken and cous cous as well as the cauliflower salad. The decor and ambience is pretty cool too.

Lab 145 Coffee

A good little coffee place in Pier 2 art district. They have filter coffee, milk based coffee and lunch menu with pastas, burgers and waffles (seems to be what all the Taiwan cafes sell). We had a good espresso here. They also have a coffee training school with lectures, tastings and sale of equipment.

How to get to the Pier 2 district

Light rail

The light rail also runs right to the Pier. This makes it super easy.

Take Kaohsiung KRT-Orange Line to KRT Yanchengpu Station. From exit no. 1, walk along Dayong Road south and reach it in 4 mins.


Take bus no. 60, or 214 to Wufu 4th Road until Dayong Road stop and walk from there.


There’s also a cycle track alongside the light rail.


Monday to Thursday 10:00-18:00

Friday to Sunday 10:00-20:00

For more details, see their website here:

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