What to do on Taiwan’s Taitung Coast; Jinzun, Donghe and Dulan

If you’re in the area, it’s probably because you’re on a tourist bus or you’re there to surf. We stayed north of Taitung in an area close by Donghe and south of Cheng Gong at Formosa Surf camp. Between the morning and afternoon surf, we loaned a scooter and explored the area. Traffic is minimal and there is a dedicated scooter lane to ride in. Here’s our tips on what to see and do.

Dulan Sugar factory

Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery, No. 61都蘭村 Donghe Township, Taitung County, 959

An old sugar factory that artists have converted into a few handicraft shops and a cafe. Not much happening in the day but Wednesday night we hear there’s a show and a bar open.

Amis Folk Centre and East Coast Scenic Area Tourism Bureau.

While here, there was an East Coast Land Arts festival happening. There is a tourist information centre with some fun displays for children. Next to it is the Folk centre which has some traditional architectural and an outdoor area for performances. There is also a great cafe with ranging views out over the Ocean. There were a range of handicrafts for sale and you could also order a good coffee.

Water running upward

Water Running Upward, 都蘭村 Donghe Township, Taitung County, 959

Here you will find an optical illusion where the water appears to be running upwards as the name suggests.

Where to eat and drink


This was just across the road from our surf resort. An art studio and a lovely deck looking out to see where you could enjoy your morning coffee. They make a pretty good coffee and we were surprised to see a place serving up coffee this good in such a remote area.

Implaying Casa

959, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 隆昌188號我在玩-玩冰箱

This place was the coolest hip little joint around serving up amazing brunch platters. Unfortunately we couldn’t get one since you had to order a day earlier as the produce is all locally sourced for orders. See their Facebook page and order ahead.


Ph: 089-541-367

Monkey’s Cafe

A lovely little hostel serving up a small menu but great vegetarian and vegan dishes. We ordered a Buddha bowl which came served with fresh veggies, yoghurt, mashed potato and some bread. Super delicious!

Low pressure

95942, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 南東河108號熱帶低氣壓 Low Pressure Restaurant & Guesthouse

Lovely owners with a cool restaurant. They have local and western food, mostly western and plenty of burgers, fries, onion rings, chicken wings and the like. Also a bar and sells coffee. Cool place to stay.

Steamed bun shop #1

959, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 東河村395號舊街東河包子

Donghe is famous for their steamed buns and this joint is without a doubt, the best in town. Found in a back street adjacent to the main strip and across the road from the fire statiom.

This place has plenty of flavours. We tried all the stores in town and this was the best. We had cheese and shrimp, pork, and also a whole grain roll. Cheap and delicious!


Tel: 089-896168

Steamed buns #2

95942, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 南東河303號東河黃記包子

Also found in the back streets. We liked the steamed buns here too. A good variety – we tried the vegetable which had a super delicious filling, the black sesame and also the amazing whole grain. Very cheap too!

Steamed buns #3

Donghe Bun Shop, No. 420南東河15鄰 Donghe Township, Taitung County, 959

Serving up some good steamed buns in Donghe. We had one here, moist bread but meat less flavoursome than the other places.

We recommend venturing off the main road to the other places.

Bread and chocolate warehouse

959, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 隆昌村236號麵包與巧克力倉庫

A place famous for its chocolate and beer bread! We tried the chocolate sourdough at Monkeys cafe. But we recommend checking out the warehouse.


Marinos kitchen

956, Taitung County, Donghe Township, 436-3號馬利諾廚房 Marinos Kitchen

A small place selling amazing bread! It’s incredible / whole grain, whole-wheat, banana and more. Loved it

Hope this helps you if you’re in the area and send us a message if you have any questions.

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