SRG Thai Boxing – Soot Raaeng Geert @ Alexandria

Often when people think of a martial arts gym, a few words come to mind. They think rough, dangerous and a whole lot of bravado being sported around. This is not what you’ll find here, in fact, the complete opposite. SRG is about support, fun, learning, passion and family. It’s a gym with heart and a great community feel.


When I first began Muay Thai about 8 years ago, it occupied only a small place on the top level of the complex where the gym stands today. A boxing ring and a few bags, as I stepped my feet inside that door, I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to learn something new, meet some new people and get out of my comfort zone. What I found on that first day was a kind and helpful trainer – Luis Regis, who is the owner and head trainer today, as well as a very caring and patient training partner for the day, Sandra. I was terrible and things could have been very different had it not been for the positive feeling that was created for me that day. They took their time to help me and encourage me and it was what got me to return and keep going back. Now, that’s what I try to do with every new person I get partnered with. Take my time to make them feel comfortable in the new environment.


Over the time I’ve been at the gym, I’ve watched it grow from strength to strength and expand downstairs into a huge space. Classes are huge, members have gown, the gym has run development days, participated in fight nights and begun children’s classes. It’s really no surprise that people find this gym a place like their second home.


SRG Thai Boxing Gym specializes in teaching authentic Muay Thai (Thai Martial arts). There are classes for mixed ability, beginners, and fighters and some boxing classes too. There are also kids classes.

You can go to learn a new skill, get fit, lose weight or even compete as a fighter. Classes being with a skipping warm up, stretching, shadow boxing, technique and partner drills, pad work and ab work. Each class is 1 hour duration. You can even arrange personal training sessions for more support.

See the timetable here for more details.

The classes are run by Luis Regis, head trainer and experienced fighter, as well as trainers from Thailand. I love that the Thai trainers incorporate a little language, and end each session with thank you in Thai.

The gym has fighters compete across NSW and broader Australia representing the gym in their traditional art.

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What you need

A positive attitude, a willingness to learn, an openness to meet people and no bravado. You need to come each day and adjust to the partner you have.

They have a shop on site selling equipment, as well as an online store.


Luis has done a great job in developing this gym, facilitating a great atmosphere and helping everyone grow. The staff are amazing, always helpful and the gym is keen to give back to the community.

Whilst I’ve never had a fight myself, I like learning, keeping fit and feeling part of a community and it’s this that keeps me going back.

I encourage you to come down for a free trial, I’m sure you’ll stay as a member and have a whole lot of fun.

SRG Thai Boxing Gym

Muay Thai Sydney

2/576 Botany Road

Alexandria NSW 2015

(02) 9667 2115

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