The Italian Job Catering Co

We were invited to our friend Pete’s place (where_do_i_eat_pete) to have a catch up and also celebrate his well deserved 10k following.

He has a big backyard which was suitable for a get together and especially an outdoor wood fired pizza party. He used the The Italian Job Catering Co which specialises in a Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering and Rotisserie Experience. They bring their own woodfired oven and you get pizzas in the comfort of your own home (or it could be a wedding, work party or other celebration).


They travel all around Sydney with this business using seasonal ingredients and making fresh hand made pizzas, where the make the dough, roll it out and top your pizzas on site and then cook them in their authentic Italian mobile pizza oven.

They do also offer a rotisserie event which makes slow cooked meat. Their catering menu also offers pasta, dessert, grazing/buffet tables and more, so check out their website for the finer details.

The menu is customised to suit your event or needs and we had entrees, mains and desserts at ours.

For the entree starters we had Garlic crust with extra virgin olive oil, herbs and chef was kind enough to add some of our zaatar to it. There are so many entree options to choose from.


We select our mains and watch chef cook, trying out the Margherita With Bufala mozzarella, basil and oregano (and he topped it with truffle!). Then for the Capriossa – Mozzarella, mushroom, smoked ham, olives and oregano as well as a few more on the night. He even made a calzone.

Everyone was super excited when the desserts came out; the Nutella topped with strawberries and sprinkled with icing sugar as well as an Oreo always a crowd pleaser with sweet cream cheese base topped with crushed Oreo biscuit drizzled with hot caramel sauce. finishing off with the Salted Caramel Pop – a Nutella and salted caramel fudge topped with popcorn.

This was certainly a lot of pizzas, and even better that you’re eating fresh ingredients straight out of the woodfired oven. It certainly was a great idea for a party. Check out the website for your next event.

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