Arthur’s Pizza – Maroubra

Arthur’s pizza is one of those staple Italian joints – your local where you can call up for that Friday night pizza when you can’t be bothered cooking (or on any night really) and you can always guarantee it’s tasty. They’ve been in the business for over 30 years.

Beginning in the 1970’z, they offered alternatives to the regular cheese and tomato options, they soon became popular with their creative flavour combinations. They’ve have continued to grow, and now have stores in a number of locations: Randwick, Paddington and now also Bexley, Maroubra, Glebe and Rosebery.

Arthur’s stores have a family atmosphere and super casual which makes it a comfortable place to socialise. That, in combination with reasonable prices makes for a good eat in or takeaway option.

We visited in a group so were able to sample a variety of things from the menu including entrees, pizza, pasta and salads.

Entree wise, we ate the saucy meatballs and garlic prawns – these were cooked and served in thick tomato type sauce so a lot of the flavour was retained.

Pizzas come in different sizes; small, medium, large and family. There’s plenty of flavour combinations, but you can pay a little extra if you want any additions. There’s also Gluten free options.

We had the following pizzas – all really good choices!

Campollo: Chicken Fillet, Semi-Dried Tomato, Red Onion, Camembert, Basil

Sassri: Lamb Fillets, Fetta Cheese, Red Onions, Sweet Potato, Mint

Nitro: Pepperoni, Onions, Capsicum, Bacon, Chilli

In addition, we enjoyed the creamy Bosciola pasta with bacon and mushroom and well as the super flavour some mushroom risotto.

With so many delicious carbs, we needed some salads to balance out or lunch and we tried the Greek salad and also a lovely rocket and Parmesan one too.

By the end of this we were super food but did a great job finishing it off. Unfortunately we were too full for dessert, but if you’re not, Nutella pizza or tiramisu would be my pick!

Arthur’s Pizza

35 McKeon St
Maroubra 2035

Phone: (02) 9315 5220

Thank you to weekendfoodesscapes and ompty for the invitation to dine.

Da Vinci’s Italian Ristorante

It seems that the catchcry of everyone in the restaurant industry these days is ‘seasonal’ and ‘local’, but when Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurante Summer Hill acquired Executive Chef Luca Melis from the former Bistecca Italian in Abbotsford, a new genre outside of industry trends was discussed.


Owners Joseph Rechichi and Valerie LoPresti were more interested in the simple, honest truth of bringing a meal to the table that was created and shared using the local recipes of regional Italy.


Chef Luca was born and raised to meet the task of the pair. Resurrecting dishes from his youth in Italy and upbringing in his father’s Sardinian trattoria, Luca has breathed new life into Da Vinci’s Summer Hill with his tantalizing, handcrafted menu from all the regions of Italy.


For Luca, creation is everything, with each dish being meticulously prepared using a combination of the local seasonal bounty that Australia offers and artisan skill that is rare seen today outside of fine dining restaurants.


Joseph and Valerie say fine dining is dead – so little in it these days with PR spin and perfunctory dishes, which fit the bill to justify high pricing, but have no life and passion. That life is alive and well in every dish on the Da Vinci’s menu – and in the chalkboard specials which show the incredible prowess of Chef Luca. What that means for customers, is a veritable cornucopia of choice, as you work through the landscape of Italy.

Ligurian handmade pesto is prepared with handmade fettuccine, roast potato and green beans.


Southern Italian Ragu di Manzo is simmering away in the kitchen.

Pugliese orecchiette with salsiccia and broccoli will tantalize your tastebuds with fresh fennel, the list is difficult to choose from.

If you show up early enough before the crowds, you will be entertained seeing the pizzaioli creating the grissini, fresh, warm woodfire breads and metre length focaccia. Stacked up in the window as it cools from the oven, you can use to ‘fare la scarpetta’ (mop up the sugo) or purchase for home.


Da Vinci’s Italian is a key feature of the Summer Hill Village, ensuring the piazza is a platform for long days into wonderful evenings, where families, friends, lovers and all are welcome. Regulars in the know sit drinking Il Teo and Sangiovese whilst grazing on Sardininan style Cozze al Pomodoro served in 1 kg pots enjoying the landscape of the space. Be warned, you have found your new Italian local!


Like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, you will be smiling. Buon Appetito!

Da B

25 Lackey Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130

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Where to experience the integrity of rustic Italian in Western Sydney @ Enzo’s Cucina

For Italians, food isn’t just nourishment, it is life! It’s the most searched cuisine on Google here in Sydney and the most requested and imitated food around the world. In spite of divergence in cooking styles and interpretations from region to region, there is a deep unifying connection Italians have with what they eat. From the extensive knowledge of ingredients used, to the meticulous planning in preparation, at Enzo’s, it’s the connection to his family every diner gets with every meal that is served to your table.


Setting the tone for the evening is an elaborate platter featuring tasters from the entire starter’s selection. It’s a sample of many of the hero dishes stripped down, but so compelling they stand out on their own. The Calamari Fritti, the arancini, BBQ octopus, pork belly, garlic prawns, and halloumi all have their own prescribed accompaniments when served at full portion. From aioli and lemon, red wine jus, napolitana sauce, lemon dressing, local honey and rocket, somehow this special assembly becomes a dish of its own while spectacularly representing the introductory section of the menu.


Family gatherings are frequent in Italy, often centred around food and the extended networks of families. It’s the only way to experience a 5 course showcase like this one, and on this occasion, our host Food Blogger Australia has assembled 40 of the most passionate food lovers together in one monumental celebration to experience the true essence behind this cuisine’s culture.

An invitation to Enzo Cucina’s table, is an invitation to his family’s table. The items selected in the evening’s menu honoring the integrity inherent in authentic food values of Italian culture.


POLPETTE AL POMODORO is a menu staple first served at the original store in Chipping Norton and has continued to delight for the past 8 years. These Italian meatballs are cooked in Napolitana sauce with parmesan cheese that’s been grilled into the shape and texture of wafers that break at the slightest touch. It’s Enzo’s mother’s recipe, many of which are at the heart of the menu.


GNOCCHI BEEF CHEEK are matched perfectly. The soft pillowy textures of the Potato dumplings pan tossed with slow cooked beef cheek providing the perfect vehicle for their home made Napolitana sauce. The gnocchi used in all dishes at Enzo’s is made fresh on site by Enzo’s nephews.

It’s all about beautiful simplicity in Italian cuisine and the LINGUINE AL GAMBERETTI uses a simple dressing of virgin olive oil, chilli, garlic and parsley allowing the contrasting raw flavors of bacon and prawn to dominate.



This is also seen in their MARGHERITA pizza of Tomato, mozzarella with oregano and their proscuitto, rocket and parmesan pizza.



The RISOTTO PESCATORE of Octopus, mussels, calamari, prawns, vongole in a fresh Napolitana sauce is the star attraction. This is a recipe Enzo’s father use to cook up for the family. As we’re served this dramatic dish with crab claws climbing out of the plate, a sense of closeness and warmth layers our experience as the portrait of this man’s recipe watches over us on the feature wall. It’s a beautifully presented dish, sculpturesque in form, the rich broth absorbed into the rice with hues of sweetness from the crustaceans that jewel this dish.


Enzo’s sister crafts the desserts and there are 12 to choose from. It was a symphony of ‘oooooo’s and ‘aaaaahhhhh’s as the end note to a great meal came out. Each plate buildng on the next. The silky wobble of the panna cotta, the lacy encasement of crepe both feature nutella – an impossible choice!


The spongy pudding of caramel and finely chopped dates and the puff pastry seeds filled with ricotta, masacarpone, goats cheese, sultanas, fried and served with pistachio crumbs, vanilla gelato, honey castor and sugar!


The secret to maintaining consistency and their personal connection to diners across all locations in Kemps Creek, Chipping Norton, Casula, Glen Alpine and Northmead is the consistency across the board in their core dishes. Every meatball made by mama, every gnocchi dish made by his nephews, the tribute in the way Enzo’s father’s seafood risotto is made to the desserts his sister makes is genuinely one big family affair.

In reaching this level of perfection, very little change has been needed to their menu since the opening of its flagship in Chipping Norton. Very few can boast such a unique proposition propelling this chain of restaurants into one of the destinations for rustic Italian in the Western Sydney dining scene.

Joseph Lloyd, Contributor
Photo Credit: @sydneyfoodfreak_

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Vapiano’s Winter Yumderland!

If you’re familiar with this international brand you’ll know that it’s not about the bells and whistles of their dishes.  Value driven, geared to the no fuss, corporate worker, international traveller and family diner expecting the satisfaction that ‘Nonna’s classics’ cemented into many of the native’s childhood memories making it impossible to surpass.  However, as an avid city diner, and regular visitors here, we have seen the transformation of its seasonal menus over the years. We have frequented their daily lunch specials and happy hours, it’s quite common to spot many service staff we’ve met from other venues we’ve dined at.   That speaks volumes.


There’s a certain reverence the old Italian culture has with its food and it centres around family and celebrations around many of the Catholic holidays.  Vapiano does well to capture those basics without the extravagance, re-invention or tweaking so many rely on to keep the short attention spans of diners who have so much choice.

It’s value driven, it’s prepared fresh and it’s done in front of you.  The main dining area gives a panoramic view of the kitchen and a bird’s eye view from the second level balcony that’s ornamented with fresh basil pot plants.  Set in the Grace hotel, it’s high ceilings and luxury setting provide an experience somewhere above casual dining without the pretentiousness of over-the-top fine dining.

“Before the meal” or Antipasti is a traditional opener we have of – toasted ciabatta, prosciutto, spicy salami, Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto basilica and bruschetta.  Proscuitto is a definitive staple that will never not the set the tone of a meal, once described to me as a cured meat prepared with “salt and time”, there’s a captivating feeling about this thinly sliced translucent protein that’s synonymous with Italian culture.   Neutralising that saltiness was the Insalata mists piccolo of  fresh mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes and carrots.


It’s supposedly, one of the most searched soups in Australia, so naturally, The Pumpkin Soup served with freshly made bread brings the warmth to the menu needed this Winter.  One of the new highlights of the Vapiano season, the texture is rich and creamy evenly balanced.


What raises the casual dining status of this establishment is the fully equipped bar providing a pit stop for grown ups whipping up the classics and a few signatures of their own.  A school night, the intermission between courses called for a Virgin colada, Mockito and a ginger hibiscus sparkling situation.


The Gamberi risotto with prawns, onions, capsicum, spring onions, sun dried tomatoes.  In both dishes, tomato sauce binds the dishes together.  It may sound run-of-the-mill, but in actual fact there are so many different ways to spruce it up.   The cream in the con carne sauce softens the flavour while enriching the body of the liquid.  While in the risotto, the white wine adds a subtle fruit flavour to the risotto that stimulates the bland starchiness of the rice.


Pollo e spinaci – tagliatelle with tender chicken breast, onions, pine nuts, cream with basil pesto and Parmesan tossed with fresh spinach. The nutty flavours in the pesto and the parmesan compliment each other nicely with hues of saltiness and mint accenting through.


The  folded homemade pizza dough (calzone) with spicy pepperoni, Aussie smoke ham, mushrooms on homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella will be another Winter favorite striking the nostalgic cords of all with its resemblance to the classic pizza pockets.  Breaking through that flakey crust into the hot filling, a burst aroma rushes at you.


Homemade pana cotta with fresh vanilla and strawberry sauce is a regular favorite, however the other highlight of the Winter Yumderland menu is the new fondue dessert. For a limited time only marshmallows, strawberries and chocolate brownie bites are accompanied with a palette seducing Nutella dipping sauce.  It’s a simple arrangement that strikes a chord with all.


The grandeur of the Grace Hotel adds to the flavour of Vapiano’s ambience which generally would be unassuming but flavoursome.   The large spaces, high stools, bar options, cater easily to al group celebrations.   For visitors at the hotel, lifts the experience if looking for an easily accessibe alternative to room service maintaining it’s casual vibe within a very luxurious modern space.

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Rhonda’s Terrigal – newly revamped!

Rhonda’s bar and restaurant is back open! It is a newly revamped venue in the heart of the Central Coast, close to the Crowne Plaza hotel, Terrigal. It is a top destination to visit for a weekend or easy enough to head up for the day. 


The restaurant itself is a large fresh bright open space, beautifully styled with decking and wooden & wicker furniture and the decor is apt for the area. Rhonda’s also has a rooftop bar with ocean views. This makes Rhonda’s the perfect spot for a bite and some beverages whilst enjoying the sea breeze and stunning view. 


Rhonda’s has extremely personable staff, good vibes and a great playlist. You would find this a great venue for afternoon drinks, dinner or even a party with friends.

The bar is well stocked, so take your pick of a craft beer, wine or a cocktail. With a cocktail menu designed by Quynh Nguyen one of Sydney’s finest cocktail curators, you will find many a great drink and in particular, they have some original cocktails that are a must. 


The ‘Garibaldi Punch’ made using four pillars gin, campari orange, marmalade and rosemary bitters was a great gin based cocktail. 


The ‘Rosetta’ was savoury tasting cocktail of campo de encanto pisco, fino sherry, strawberry cherry tomato, rose and basil and was beautiful mix of flavours. 


We also enjoyed Rhonda’s take on an old fashioned, called the ‘Sicilian Godfather’, this choc orange cocktail consisted of monkey shoulders whisky, drambuie, solerno, blood orange, balsamic, choc bitters and it was a quality version of the old fashioned food.


We thoroughly recommend visiting and catching up with friends for a drink or two here.

Food wise, you’ll find authentic Italian, served is made using premium quality local ingredients and the menu offering antipasto, wood fired pizza and pasta made from scratch.

The Antipasto share board will get you in the mood for your dining experience. The array of delights includes a mix of quality cured meats including; salami casalingo, brescaola and Parma ham. There is also light a creamy buratta, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, zucchini and fresh grissini bread. Other entrees include foccaia, olives, king prawns or bruschetta. Perfect to accompany your cocktail or glass of wine. 


Rhonda’s have a range of tomato and white base woodfired thin crust pizza, made using wholemeal flour, a great option to share or enjoy your own. The ‘La Diavola’ is always a go to and did not disappoint, topped with buffalo mozzarella, pepperoni, Sopressa, chilli and rocket. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you prefer chicken, mushroom or the classic margherita. Cooked in the authentic Italian way in the wood fired rotary oven. 


The pastas are made from scratch, using Stagioni flour and these are produced into classic combinations with phenomenal flavour. We loved the squid ink fettuccine, served on a vibrant blue glazed plate and was one that pleased all diners. The dish was very inviting with a delicious tomato based sauce, cherry tomatoes, a generous serving of sweet spanner crab meat and topped with fresh basil.



Gnocchi is another go to, this dish was comforting with its pillow like dumplings, served with cubes of tender porkbelly and porcini, in a rich well balanced parma ham broth with truffle oil. Writing this post has me salivating about the flavours of this dish over and over again. 


To finish, we made room for dessert inspired by the nutella ravioli. With a crisp fried outer shell and then there is an explosion of nutella when you bite into it. A berry coulis cutting through the richness of the nutella and the vanilla ice cream complementing this dessert. They also have gelato made in house using seasonal flavours.


As an added bonus they have a $12 Pasta special on Saturday 12noon till 5pm and $12 Pizza special on Sunday from 12noon till 8pm.

The food here is outstanding and perfectly apt for the clientele and location by the sea. We thoroughly recommend for you to head out of Sydney to visit the beautiful beach of Terrigal on the central coast and be sure to pop into Rhonda’s.


3 – 5 Kurrawyba Avenue Terrigal, NSW, 2260 Australia


Phone: (02) 4385 3100

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 1am

Saturday – Sunday: 12pm – 1am

Thank you for the hospitality provided by Rhonda’s, and for the invitation from Way to Blue.

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Chalong’s food scene @ Phuket, Thailand

I thought I’d write this blog so if you’re staying in Chalong for a training camp, you’ll be well informed. I was here quite a while so tried lots of options. 

 The area also has a few places I didn’t go, but you may like, such as a Vegan restaurant and also an Acai cafe. There’s also plenty of bars, but they’re mostly empty given people are here to train, unless there is a big sports match on (or it’s Saturday night). The area really suits any diners. Given that people stay in this area to train, food options are predominately healthy based but you can also get a cheat meal or have a few beers if you so desire.

I also know people are hesitant to eat salad and fresh foods in countries like Thailand, but I’ve eaten salad almost every day and not sick at all. I think they understand the market and what westerners expect and wash salad with filtered water. 

 Overwhelming staff are a bit standoffish when you order, but get to know them and they’re super friendly. 

You can get incredibly cheap things but if you go to any of the healthy food style cafes, the price seems to skyrocket for the western diner. 

Tiger Grill

If staying at Tiger Muay Thai or you’re on an all inclusive package, you can dine at Tiger. They are open every day, from early until late. If you order a protein like a steak, you have access to the salad bar. They also do smoothies, protein shakes, refreshing drinks and coffee. They have a weight loss menu and regular menu. The food here is superb, albeit the most expensive for the area. I absolutely loved the whole-wheat pasta as well as the weight loss chicken salad. They have well developed flavours and extremely filling. I would have dined here more if the prices were cheaper. 



Nommy yoghurt

 When you’re training in the fitness street of Chalong, eating health food day in, day out.. you sometimes need a treat! I saw this and decided to get some. It’s pretty healthy too! Natural yogurt or three protein options that change daily (when I was there it was bounty, melon and peach. You then add your favourite toppings. There’s some healthy options like fruit and coconut and nuts as well as protein balls, protein brownies (these are great), as well as Oreos, cookies and chocolate. Reduced sugar and gluten free (if you only add fruit toppings).

The lady working was friendly and the store is super clean. 

It’s 70baht per 100 grams. Worth it for a treat! 


Real coffee 


A great little coffee shop in the fitness district of Chalong. At the back of a little plaza. You can get your typical latte/cappuccino etc and they do some pretty good latte art. Or if thai coffee is your thing, they also sell that. Friendly service. They also have free wifi 


Cafe de Kaiya

 A restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is indoors, so there’s air con and you can enjoy your meal without being too hot. There’s plenty of meals to suit your fancy but I really liked the shrimp Caesar salad – very fresh and flavoursome shrimp. Free wifi and service is quick. 


Latte Caffe 

 Close to the entrance of the street, in a small space (though I hear it is moving), I really like this cafe.

You will too if you just accept the staff aren’t greatly friendly or welcoming (except the lady who takes your money). They open at 8:30 which is a tad late for those of us that want to eat before training. They have lots of breakfast options, particularly fitness fanatics choices like oats, protein waffles and scrambled egg, omelettes etc. For lunch there’s a range of baguettes, salads and more.  I ordered a tuna salad, a generous serve with toast on the side. One of my favourite things here is the apple snack – cut up apple topped with peanut butter, cornflakes, chia and nuts for only 85 baht. A great healthy little cafe. 





This is a good restaurant with a spacious area to dine. It is part of a hotel, but located on the Main Street. Serving western dishes, predominantly pizza and pasta, probably less healthy than other places in the area. They also have plenty of thai options. I had a mix of both, a shrimp Caesar salad and Tom yum soup. The salad was nice, and they bring you out a few dressings to add your own. The soup was good but very spicy! Staff here are very happy and welcoming, probably better service than most places in the area.



 I didn’t plan on going here as it’s an Italian restaurant and I wasn’t wanting to eat heavy carbs, but took it as a cheat meal as my friends wanted to go. They have an incredibly huge menu with plenty of pastas and pizzas, as well as salads and a few antipasto type meals. I ordered a bolognaise fettuccine with zucchini. It was delicious and a generous portion. The cheese focaccia was amazing – a really big focaccia too. The pizzas are also proper Italian style. You can also get wine and beers here to accompany your dinner. Not cheap nor expensive, about mid range. Staff are friendly and good at their job. 


BBQ Club

 The BBQ, next to the famous “Ali’s BBQ” has moved next door and it’s pretty much the same cuisine and menu (something to do with business partners falling out) but this is in an extremely western looking venue, quite trendy inside with a huge kitchen and grill and a basic outdoor area and dessert bar.


Notorious for their meats, with accompanying sides, huge skewers and a range of other meals like wraps, pitas and burgers. They also do an amazing falafel and hummus plate, which I had, complete with pickles, breads and  it was awesome. Possibly the best hummus and falafels I’ve had (and not just in Thailand). I also got a side of chicken that was marinated really nicely. Safe to say, I’d highly recommend this.



They also do delivery if you’re in a 2 km radius. Order through Facebook or Instagram. I was getting my hair done and had the food delivered there!

Ali’s BBQ

As explained previously, it basically serves the same food as BBQ Club but in a more outdoors type version (Covered roofs). They’ve recently undergone renovations, but when we were there it was raining and the place was not coping with that too well. Food is as good as BBQ hut, just has more average presentation on plastic plates etc. They also sell juices and protein ice cream as well as alcoholic beverages. 

Puding Lodge coffee 

They open early (6:30 am) which is great because most places do not, but closed at dinner. Extremely cheap options for breakfast and lunch. For example my breakfast set of tea (or you can have coffee), fruit, a plate of eggs, toast, bacon and sausage only cost $100 baht! Very friendly lady working there too. I came here a few times. 

Muscle Bar 

 I visited here a few times. It is super popular with the fitness guru tourists, as well as the trainers. Plenty of room, air con and a tv. The food isn’t cheap, nor outrageously expensive. I would say mid range (around 300-400 baht a meal and approx 100 for your shake.


There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner foods; protein pancakes, wraps, burgers, proteins + choice of sides, healthy curries, pastas and more. 


I tried lots of things, mostly had chicken with my choice of side – salad, quinoa, sweet potato. You can get add ons too. 


I must say, before this trip, I hated anything that used protein powder. A friend I met here encouraged me to try a shake. The cookies and cream protein shake is superb. It is legitimately like having a proper milkshake. I am hooked. 

They also have protein pancakes which I tried today / made from egg white, protein powder, chia and served with a banana, cinnamon,  natural yoghurt and honey. You receive two and they’re so super filling. 


Koko Hut

A small cafe serving whole-wheat based pizzas and wraps to suit the fitness and diet conscious in the area. They also do “champ add ons”. So order your choice of meat, and add sides. I elected to have chicken breast with mixed veggies and sweet potato. Chicken was a bit over cooked and sweet potato seemed reheated. However I revisited for a salad wrap, which was lovely. The sweet potato fries second time around were freshly baked and super good. I also tried a steak which was quite good too! Fairly cheap for all meals. Staff aren’t particularly friendly but efficient. I wasn’t drinking but the sign suggested a super cheap happy hour. 

They have a TV screen with mostly sports playing and free wifi. 

Circle Coffee

 I was staying in Chalong to do Muay Thai and found this cafe about 1.5 k walk away. Seeing as though it looked superb, I went for a walk.

A cute little cafe, nicely styled (reflective of Bangkok cafes), they sell good coffee and food – breakfast, lunch and dinner of both western, thai and Japanese cuisines. They also have a dessert menu.


I had a lovely yoghurt pannacotta, compete with granola and fresh fruits and it was superb. The coffee is super smooth and not too strong. Staff are lovely too! Not expensive either! 


Phai Thai / Ooops Shakes

This little shack has a little hut selling smoothies and protein shakes at the front an the inner part of the shack selling thai and some western food. The food is extremely cheap, 75-100 baht a meal. The servings are fairly small, so I ordered two. A chicken cashew stir fry, brown rice and also a pad thai. Service is super fast. It is a covered facility with fans and can be hot in the day so I’d recommend going at night. 

O Cha Dee


The food here is outrageously cheap. Most things are around 60-80 baht and you can get a whole breakfast set including tea and juice and fruit for only 150!

A menu of predominately thai food with some western choices, they say all the food is match from scratch using proper ingredients like olive oil, sea salt, brown sugar, grass fed butter, coconut oil and they tell us they don’t use MSG, refined sugar or artificial ingredients.

I ordered chicken with sweet and sour sauce as well as “prawns” with broccoli. think she misheard, because it’s pork, but all good. Both added up to 160 THB. I didn’t have rice, but you can get normal rice or brown for the health conscious! 


The Shack

This place is a lovely healthy food restaurant, spacious inside and decorated with heaps of chalk drawn images and information about healthy eating. The menu is awesome, they have plenty of health food smoothies,  breakfast bowls and omelettes and for lunch and dinner you can order a salad or your choice of protein and sides, plus a marinade. I had lean mince chilli con carne (absolutely delicious!) with broccoli, corn and baked sweet potato fries. This was awesome. 


 Hogfather Palai


Located about 2 km from Tiger Muay Thai, you could probably walk, but in this instance I got a taxi for 100 baht. It is a smokehouse serving brisket, ribs, pulled pork, burgers and more. You can see the big smoker outside! Quite a big venue with plenty of space to dine in. I ordered the sampler of low and slow bbq which had 2 slides of brisket, 3 ribs, 180 g of pulled pork with slaw, mashed potato and bbq sauce. The meats were beautifully smoked and it was the perfect way to try everything.


IMG_4094Drinks wise there’s soft drinks and a range of beers, many on tap from Thailand, Singapore, Belgium, Germany and even little creatures from Australia. 


 What a great place to visit for dinner. The lovely staff member offered to give me a lift home when I asked about getting a taxi. How kind!

Salad Labz

This can be found close to Tiger Muay Thai (owned by one of the trainers) at the back of a small plaza. Only a small store with two benches to eat at. You can also order take away. Basically you order the base of your salad (lettuce or pasta), and select any add ons (like chicken, ham, cheese, etc)and a dressing and they mix it up for you. The portion was enormous and super tasty. Lovely lady working the shop too. (TIP – she also sells some pretty cool and amazing yoga tights).



Well there you have it – hope this helps future travellers 🙂


Lebanese pizzas and more @ Manoosh

Manoosh Pizzeria began as a traditional Lebanese bakery and pizzeria and has grown to be super popular with locations in Enmore and Marrickville. Opened by Charlie and his sister Mary in February 2008, and a second store in Marrickville in Feb 2015. The pair had been inspired by their parents’ traditional Lebanese bakery and grown since those days.


With large menu, you certainly have a lot of choice! Using traditional recipes, they have a variety of pizzas, wraps and sides like salad and dips.


The pizzas are of a high quality and reasonably priced. The slow cooked Mediterranean beef pizza served with Labne, was a very tasty pizza. You can also order a number of sides and the lamb kibbeh and and falafel are quality traditional options, both very moist inside with lots of flavour and you can add even more flavour by choosing some dips, the hummus and garlic sauce, which are both very good.

It is a small takeaway pizza shop that also serves some traditional Lebanese options. Reasonably priced, great for a quick bite to eat and there are a few tables if you would like to eat in.


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Insitu – a bar and restaurant with a happening vibe


Manly is a happening place to hang out, especially in the warmer months. Stroll down the esplanade, pull up a towel and sunbake, walk through the markets of a weekend or stop by one of the many bars or restaurants for a drink and a bite to eat. Insitu is a cafe by day, restaurant by night, and you’ll be sure to find yourselves satisfied at any visit.

Insitu is true to its name, it’s been in place for many years now, becoming a popular venue for amazing food and cocktails. Of an evening, the place is buzzing with hens parties, birthdays, date nights and groups of friends catching up for a drink (or a few). And, why not, when the cocktails were only $10 at happy hour! An incredible price for some amazing concoctions.
The Jalepeno Caipirinha is a must, a Brazilian specialty in this case prepared by the barman of Brazilian heritage. This drink is refreshing and also has a slight kick of spice, perfect to get the night going.
The apple crumble martini with Absolut vanilla vodka shaken pomme de verte, creme de cacao and crisp apple, poured straight up with a fresh cream float tasted of an apple pie, an enjoyable cocktail to sip on.
With a tapas style menu at the time we were visiting as a group we decided to share a few items. The Schezuan spiced calamari with lime Aioli has us fighting for the lions share. Insitu also have Gruyere Arancini which you cant go past ordering! We were also pretty keen on the seared prawns which were super fresh and tasty!
For a larger share option, the Pizzas are a popular option, and we can see why – super tasty, crispy base. With many tasty flavour combinations the choice was difficult, we opted for the roasted pumpkin pizza, sprinkled with quinoa, cream cheese and a bit of a kick from the jalapeños! We accompanied this with a goats cheese salad, with a honey and balsamic dressing topped with poached chicken.
The ambience is awesome – it’s has a fun vibe to it, a few musicians playing some tunes and cool bartenders making their work look fun. The outdoor seating down the back was a great place to sit with fresh air and a comfortable setting too.
Michail, the manager welcomed us and has a long history of experience with bars and venues such as this and filled us in on the restaurant, it’s history and food offerings. We would like to thank all staff as they were absolutely excellent. We loved our visit here and we will be sure to pop back next time in Manly. We thoroughly recommend this place!

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The newly revamped Botany Bay Hotel

Botany Bay is iconic. It is the location of Captain Cook’s first landing. Since this time and the development of Australia, the area has seen a lot of buildings rise up in the area.

The Botany Bay hotel, close to the ports, was established in 1865 and known as one of the oldest hotels in the Eastern suburbs. Whilst it looks old from the outside, it has recently undergone renovations inside by the Publica group (known for Goldfish in the Hunter Valley and Henry’s in Cronulla).


The stylish wood interior and light blue painting and menus is welcoming and the new outdoor beer garden is a great area to enjoy your dinner or socialise with friends over a few drinks.


The bar has plenty of beers of tap, a wide range of wines and they also do a good cocktail. I had a nice espresso martini as well as a wine or two. You can socialize with your friends at the public bar which has sports on TV, and Keno as well as sports bet. There’s also a pokies area.

The executive chef Raf Tonon has put together a lovely bistro menu with a great variety of food and a brand new pizza oven, preparing your pizzas outdoors in a shipping container.


From the entrees list they offer foods such as chicken wings, Haloumi, Calamari, Fried Polenta, croquettes as well as some Asian influences in the dumplings and Sang Choi Bao.


We ordered mains on this occasion and absolutely loved the gnocchi with confit cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil. It was extremely tasty and perfectly cooked gnocchi.


We also selected a salad that was a picture of art on the plate. Our salad was the beetroot, quinoa, smoked goats curd, sorrel and burnt onion dressing. It was just delightful.


If these options aren’t your fancy, there are burgers, fish and chips and steaks, just to name a few.

There’s also a woodfired pizza oven serving traditional pizzas made using the Italian method established in 1885. You can order these to eat in or takeaway. We watched these being made, and amazingly they came out in only 5 minutes, with a nice light dough and fresh toppings. We tried the Capricciosa with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, ham, olives and artichoke.



They run weekly specials each night so keep an eye out for that, as well as happy hour and Karaoke on a Saturday night.

This has some top food and is perfectly suitable to any guests, including families. Certainly worth popping in for a visit.

Botany Bay Hotel 


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Newly renovated bistro and food trucks @The Acres Club, Greenacre

The Acres Club, Greenacre is a newly renovated Bistro with modern decor, now owned by Bankstown sports. It occupies the interior of the bowling club. The club also has pokies,  a bar with some local Basement Brewhouse beers and greens outside for a game of lawn bowls.

Open 10 – 10 and midnight between Thurs and Sun, you can pop in for lunch, an arvo session or party on into the night. The space is also extremely family friendly and would also be a good venue for a catch up of birthday celebration.


The menu has a broad range of cuisines to suit different tastes, a largely Euro menu with a Japanese influence.

The Japanese options include Takoyaki Octopus, Chicken Karage and Prawn Gyoza. The Gyoza had a really nice flavour and pan fried, accompanied with a home-made soy dipping sauce. We also tried the tempura prawn Udon, a lovely broth with noodles and a plate of crispy tempura prawns.


From the starters menu, we also tried some of the more bistro options including the salt and pepper prawns with salad and chips.


The mains list also boasts steaks, fish; salmon or barramundi as well as panko crumbed chicken schnitzel and braised lamb shanks for those wanting a hearty dish.

A good option if you’re with a group is the Mediterranean tasting plate as you can try the souvlaki, haloumi, olives, arancini, chorizo, baby squid and more.


There’s also pizzas, pasta and a couple of burgers, including a soft shell crab burger with Japanese Mayo.

You also can’t go past the panko crumbed banana, pavlova or crepes for a sweet end to your dinner.



Acres Street Food

We were at The Acres on a Thursday night which coincided with their “Acres Street Food event” which hosts a number of food trucks out on the Green.

Grab your food and chill at one of the bench tables and relax.

Some great coffee by grind and press coffee crew, burgers from 2guys_burgers and pulled pork tacos from miss mabels food. We also tasted one of the best tasting plates of meats from smoking grill barbecue – these guys have their huge smoker on site to produce some of the best ribs around.



Finish off with dessert from gelato brioche who have gelato brioche and milkshakes!


Thanks to the Chew Crew for the invitation to dine.

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