Curva Cucina

Seems like a stange place for a restaurant, for it is located adjoined to Ultra Football, a football store in Alexandria, next to the site of The Rocks Brewing Co. However, we learn that the name derives from the term for the seating behind a goal at a football stadium, so it probably makes more sense knowing that.

The restaurant has taken over the space that once was Zona Azzuri. Curva is the new restaurant which remains Italian, with a contemporary Italian menu that draws inspiration from authentic Neapolitan traditions and modern influences.

Their woodfired oven is front and centre to cook up some delicious woodfired pizzas, meats and vegetables. There’s also breads, antipasti, salads, desserts and a kids menu too.

We try the vegetarian pizza option, the Orto pizza, with zucchini, eggplant, roast pumpkin, pecorino and a mighty lot of cheese. Nicely woodfired, it was a generous served pizza.

From the pasta list, the gnocchi Sorrentina or gnocchi with fresh tomato, mozzarella and parmesan was super tasty, baked in a small pot in the woodfired oven.

For the mains, the wood fired prawns were excellent; a plate of the chargrilled seafood, flavoured with chilli, garlic, lemon and truss tomatoes, served with a side salad. We also order the “broccolini side”, woodfired. Although it wasn’t broccolini, just your regular broccoli. It tasted nice, but probably just change the menu listing.

There’s a wine list, cocktails and mocktails too, we enjoyed a red wine and non-alcoholic spritzer; made with Lyre’s dry aperitif, peach, lemongrass and ginger. The venue would accommodate larger groups and functions if necessary.

Staff were friendly and hospitable and service time was efficient.

We did think it was quite expensive, so we were lucky to have been able to use our dine and discover vouchers for a bit of a discount.


Building 2, Sydney Corporate Park
160 Bourke Road,

Alexandria, 2015

Inside Ultra Football, or enter via our courtyard off News Direct Road

Lunch: Wed-Sun from 12 noon
Dinner: Friday-Sat from 5pm

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