Fermento food and wine bar

We were delighted to enjoy a fabulous meal at af Fermento in Darlinghurst. Opened by Giorgio Colosimo and Diego Mazza, from Calabria and Milan, the Italian restaurant and wine bar is a lovely spot to enjoy some food and beverages. They also have a few nights with live music for your enjoyment. On the menu, … Continue reading Fermento food and wine bar

Curva Cucina

Seems like a stange place for a restaurant, for it is located adjoined to Ultra Football, a football store in Alexandria, next to the site of The Rocks Brewing Co. However, we learn that the name derives from the term for the seating behind a goal at a football stadium, so it probably makes more … Continue reading Curva Cucina

The Guild Authentic Italian Wine Bar and restaurant @ Milton

This wine bar and restaurant in Milton is great spot serving seasonal and authentic Italian food. We visited on a Wednesday evening and the restaurant was fully booked, so we are glad we had booked ahead. Despite the full restaurant, service was efficient and meals came in a timeline manner. The restaurant set up has … Continue reading The Guild Authentic Italian Wine Bar and restaurant @ Milton