Gin Palooza – most certainly a fun day out!

We headed to the Gin Palooza, held in the Paddington Town Hall. This is a great venue holding many stalls that were spaced out and you could move about easily to visit each distiller. The entrance ticket included unlimited tastes of the gins on offer, within reason.

Hosted by the Australian Gin Distillers Association, an entrance ticket enabled you to try gins from over 39 distillers from all around Australia and our neighbours in New Zealand.

Suppliers included Giniversity, the Whiskery, Four Pillars, Karu distillery, Brookie’s, Moore’s, Manly Distillery, Banks & Solander and Ironbark to name a few.

With over 200 products to try, you could visit each distiller to learn about the products, distilling process and see the differences in the influences and taste. Pink Gin, Yuzu Gin, Coriander Gin, Blood orange and chilli Gin, Navy strength, rare gin, Shiraz gin, aged barrel and sloe gin amongst others.

They were very generous, letting you try each type and also with the addition of tonic for a G&T. A few suppliers were also showing their Christmas gins.

Although there was minimal food on offer, we loved the sweet treats influenced gin marshmallows and lamingtons by Luscious.

We would thoroughly recommend this event for next year!

Thanks to original spin for the tickets to the event.