What to do for a day in Frankfurt

If you’re in Frankfurt for a transit, if you have enough time, why not make a trip into the city and be a tourist for the day. You don’t need a visa and the transport is easy. In my opinion, 3 -4 hours is plenty.


In order to get to the city, use the light rail or the S-Bahn from the airport. Ensure you catch either the S8 and S9 trains which will take you directly to Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof (closest to shopping precinct) in about 10 minutes. They only seem to run every 30 minutes so if you’re struggling for time, they’re more regular from the Frankfurt Main Station. The ticket fare one way is 4.50€ and are available from the RMV ticket machines, but there’s also a counter if you’d prefer to speak to someone.

Frankfurt does operate UBER and taxis but the train was easy.

What to do?

Make sure to look around the Romer (city hall) area near the water. You find Romerberg, a medieval square with buildings reminiscent of medieval yore. These quaint buildings house shops, cafes, restaurants and museums. A lovely little square to look around.

Not far from the medieval square is Kleinmarkethalle, a local market with independent stakeholders selling produce, nuts and spices, cheeses, meats, plants, breads, coffee and more. Certainly pay this place a visit, try a few things and buy some more to take with you.

Schreiber in the Kleinemarkethalle is popular and rightly so. Serving up pork or beef says sausage, served with a roll and mustard, they’re the perfect snack.

There’s also plenty of shops in the mall to keep you occupied.

If you’d prefer a bit of a sleep and a shower there are some hotels that offer rooms for 3 or 4 hours at approximately $30-45 not far from the airport.

Where to eat and drink

Eat a traditional German meal, don’t forget to have some variety of sausage, a schnitzel and a pretzel which you can get in basically any eatery. Pretzels are everywhere, and so many different varieties. Don’t forget to drink a beer. You might like Adolf Wagner at Sachsenhausen.

Must try an Apfel wein, or apple cider. Find one in one of the traditional restaurants or even in the pop up market stalls on the streets.

Galleria Kaufhop – cafe on the top floor of the department store, Leonhard’s. A buffet style area with a range of amazing foods that can be prepared freshly for you. Meats and veg, pasta, pizza, salads, baked goods and desserts. Drinks are available too. The view is superb and you can sit inside or out.

For Coffee, be sure to visit Wacker coffee (more traditional style and selling beans too), Bunca Barista or Holy Cross Brewing Society (modern roaster selling espresso and milk based).

Have a great time if you head into Frankfurt!

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    Frankfurt looks and sounds amazing. Having visited Munich for the first time, I am eager to see more of what Germany has to offer. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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