Business as usual @ Kobe Wagyu Bbq

It’s a tough time for restaurants at the moment. But we are testament to the fact that you can dine out, and practice social distancing at the same time. Kobe Wagyu are applying all precautionary measures to protect you from Covid19 and we were comfortable dining here. It’s a fabulous restaurant with quality food, of a Japanese influence.

Kobe Wagyu is in the heart of the Sydney CBD, and can be found upstairs, entering from Goulburn street.  Once upstairs you’ll find plenty of tables complete with a grill in the centre. It’s a large space and perfect for dining in a group and ideal to share small dishes so you can try as much as possible.

We had group so the the buffet menu, at $84 per person was great for us, since we could get a range of items to share amongst the group. It’s an all you can eat experience over a 2 hour duration and you order via the touch screen as you go. It’s made in the kitchen and brought to you to cook on the grill. The all you can eat experience includes vegetables, salads, small bites, rice, noodles, soup, seafood and meats. Sashimi and sushi is prepared for you, as is the entree sized bites like the chicken wings and Takoyaki. They discourage wastage by charging you for anything left on the table uneaten which is a good move!

The highlight of the night is the marble grade quality meats and seafood. Order your selections again from the touch screen. They have various cuts like skirt, brisket, flap meat, tri tip, short rib, chicken thigh or wing, pork belly, neck, sausage or loin amongst others. You name it, we pretty much tried it all. We are so grateful for our meat spread!

This comes to you slightly seasoned and then it’s cooking time. It only needs a brief amount of time in the grill and then take it off, dip it in a little sauce and you’re ready to eat. It is high quality grade Wagyu and makes the buffet cost value for money.

There’s plenty of seafood options, whether it be octopus, scallop, calamari to cook on the grill or even a few fresh prawns. We had the most amazing sashimi platter with salmon, tuna, kingfish and more. Such good quality sashimi that we polished off in no time.

Grab yourself a few sides too, and there’s so many to pick from. Whether it be crab claw, prawn croquette, agedashi tofu, takoyaki, chicken karaage, chicken wing dumpling, deep fry lotus root to name a few. We enjoyed plenty of these including some super tasty creamy noodles.

You can’t leave without dessert, so we shared pretty much all the options including green tea and sesame ice cream and tiramisu.

We think it’s well suited to a group dining experience and a whole lot of fun. The floor manager Hubert is outstanding with enabling us to feel well looked after. In addition, our waiters were very efficient and hardworking.

We would like to thank Kobe Wagyu for extending the invitation.

Kobe Wagyu BBQ Restaurant
Level 1, 605-609 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 9283 2268



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