Leppington Valley Farm

Last weekend before the social regulations were ramped up, we went to Leppington for some fresh figs, which our friend where_do_i_eat_pete had told us about.

Leppington Valley Farm is open selling goods such as figs and eggs to the public. Only 45 min south west of Sydney, it’s a nice and easy drive to get into country life and try the freshest of produce.

They sell fresh figs, dried figs, and other delicacies such as fig jam, fig balsamic and Italian wine. There’s also a little cafe with coffee and treats.

Our favourite product was the oven baked dried figs with roasted almond centres, marinated in Vincotto. They are baked in the oven and then soaked in Vincotto (grape syrup). They are super delicious and we polished them off in about one sitting.

The farm gate is open 8am-5pm daily, providing fresh fruit that is picked daily and sold directly from the shed.

Given the social isolation measures in place, you may prefer to purchase online at www.grower2u.com.au (just click on the Leppington Valley Farm tab once your on the Grower2u website).



129 George Road



02 9606 5399





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