Keeping positive during isolation and Covid19

During these times of the rampant spread of Covid19, we have been forced into self-isolation and social distancing. Every second person is complaining they can’t go their favourite restaurant, get their nails done or party on at a city nightclub. But is it really that bad? Generations gone have experienced World War 1, The Great Depression, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and plenty of disastrous times before us, and all we’re asked to do is sit on our couch and cook our own dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it is tough for plenty of people. I know there is a high death rate, with thousands of people infected. Some are forgoing their impending nuptials, others can’t see their families overseas and the unemployment rate is rapidly on the rise. Parents are now the teacher in addition to their parenting role. There’s also that panic buying from ignorant people who don’t realise we produce these goods on our home soil. I know our lives are restricted beyond expectation. But given there isn’t a whole great deal any of us can do about it, we need to accept the current situation and make the best of a tough situation. We need to use this time as a time to reflect on the positives where possible, and perhaps take the time to just chill.

What I’ve learned from this so far:

  • Firstly, traffic is gone. I’m an essential worker and get to my job in 15 minutes or less (rather than the usual 45). There’s people riding bicycles and actually taking a good walk.
  • There’s no queues at shops. In part that’s because half of them are closed. But those that are open have hardly any wait. In those that do, people are polite and there’s no pushing!
  • There’s more time for exercise. People are exercising in their own homes, being inventive and also making up their own workouts.
  • More sleep – because we’re not traveling to work each day, we can get a sleep in!
  • There’s plenty of things that have proven to be very effective via the phone or zoom. Doctor’s appointments. How amazing it has been to have an over the phone consultation. No long waits in a surgery – the phone call comes when it’s your turn.
  • Kids can be so independent – when you simply let them. School via zoom and online learning has proven to demonstrate students can set schedules, they can stick to them. They can be responsible in their own learning.
  • Going out for dinner or picking up food on the way home has been replaced with home cooked meals. I’m testament to this myself, and have been experimenting with new recipes and making the most of whatever is in the fridge. I’m the first to admit I hardly cooked a thing prior to this.
  • There is such a thing as down time. Taking time to just chill, do an artwork, make a puzzle and concentrate on self-care and “me’’ time.
  • There’s more family time. At the dinner table, help with school work and simply just checking in.
  • It’s led to effort contacting friends – zoom conversations, ‘house party’ and I even call a random person from my address book.
  • Positive effects on the environment. There has been a noticeable drop in pollution and also greenhouse gas emissions. We even saw dolphins in the Venice canal!
  • We can be less narcissistic, and spend less money on massage, spray tans, nails, hair and clothes.
  • There is a realisation that we can actually do with a lot less.

And you know what, those dogs are loving life too.


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