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Vacuuming. Dusting. Scrubbing the kitchen. Cleaning the oven. All the words you just don’t like to say, let alone even think about. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about the cleaning to do list.

When you’re working from home 24/7, the last thing you want to do is clean your house. You want to relax or get out for a walk around the block. However, because you’re at home so much, the house is naturally dirtier and the kitchen has been given a workout. We decided to outsource this work to Fantastic Services.

Fantastic Services began as a small cleaning company but have evolved greatly since that time, and now are a one-stop-shop cleaning and home maintenance service. They offer a range of versatile services including domestic cleaning, gardening, handymen, pest control, waste removal. They even do antiviral sanitation, which we know everyone would be pretty keen on right now.They pretty much do anything your home or business needs.

The company works not only in Australia, but also the UK and USA and have hundreds of employees serving thousands of people. That said, they have excellent communication and are efficient, running an extremely professional service. 

We had two cleaners for three hours for a domestic clean and deep oven clean. The cleaners arrived in their van 10 minutes early and brought everything they needed for the service. From vacuuming to dusting, they also cleaned all our mirrors and windows. A deep scrub of the kitchen and bathrooms was the best part and these rooms look like they’re brand new again. They even cleaned our stairwell handrails and polished all surfaces.

We also opted for the deep oven clean, since I don’t think we’d done this since we’d moved in. This is just another of those things you just don’t like doing yourselves. The cleaners scrubbed off the built up grease and left it so clean, enabling the appliance to work more efficiently.

If this interests you, you can book the frequency of your service, as well as the duration / hours spent by the cleaners and they’ll take care of all the chores.

Having Fantastic Services made life so much easier for us. It is also such a positive thing for your mental health. Having a clean space leads to a clean mind and allows you to melt into that space called relaxation.

We were overjoyed to see a shiny sparkling clean house and encourage you all to book a service for yourselves.

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