Where to get your nails done during Covid19 – at home!

If you’re similar to me, you might like going on your fortnightly or month visit to the nail salon for that manicure treatment, whether it be regular polish, shellac or SNS. As soon as I see a chip or large break, I’m in there to get it fixed. It’s part of a self-care routine, that really makes me feel good. They were looking good too. Were is the operative word.

However in these times where we have to practise social distancing and isolation, you may also find that you’re also getting pretty gross nails and not sure what to do about it. DIY I say.

I got some resources and did it myself. Whilst it was a bit of a pain, it didn’t take that long, and much better than simply picking or chipping them off. Here’s my tips for DIY.

1 Buy products you will need – acetone, cotton pads, foil, file and a buffer

2 First step is to buff / file the top shine off the nails

3 Pour acetone on a cotton pad and put one on each nail.

4 Wrap each nail with a piece of tightly wrapped foil.

5 I was recommended to leave them on for 10 minutes, but found this was not long enough. If you have patience, leave them on for 30 minutes and they will fall straight off.

6 If yours were put on a lot stronger, you may need to file it down a little after every ten mins.

7 Make sure to wash your hands and then you’re all done!


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