Wattleseed and Blackberry Pancakes from home! Outfield’s Breakfast Box

Whilst in iso we’ve begun cooking a bit more than usual but are a far cry from ‘chef’s’. This is why Outfield’s breakfast club suits us to a T. The recipe has been designed, all the ingredients are packaged up and basically we follow the step by step instructions to produce a cafe quality meal in our own home. With a little artistic flair in plating up, we’re becoming somewhat of a home chef!

We’ve tried a few of “Outfield’s Breakfast Club” including the Shakshuka and also the ANZAC Waffles, so we were keen to try their pancakes too!

For those of you that don’t know Outfield cafe, it is located in Ashfield, outlooking Yeo Park. It’s got a beautiful outlook over the park and cricket pitch and you can pop in for a takeaway meal and coffee and sit out on a picnic rug.

Their amazing ‘Breakfast Club’ packs are a great idea and you get a bag of pre-prepared menu items to put together at home, whether it be heating, toasting or assembling. Plate it up and enjoy in the comfort of your own home with friends and family minus all the hard work. 

It all comes in large handy brown paper bag filled with the necessary ingredients and method provided with the recipe on the front. This week was blackberry and wattleseed pancakes! It came with the following ingredients:

  • their chef’s special wattleseed pancake mix

  • 500 ml Gelato Franco’s roasted hazelnut gelato

  • a punnet of blueberries

  • a jar of our house-made blackberry coulis

  • 6 eggs (to fold into the pancake mix)

  • 4 cafe beverages of your choice.

We love their coffee here and it’s awesome to grab a stitch coffee to go and take your pack of ingredients home to prepare.

We got home and folded the eggs into the pancake mix so they were light and fluffy. We then cooked and flipped them. We plated them, topped with blueberries and the blackberry coulis. Finishing off with a big scoop of gelato, and presto it was ready to eat. A really great combination of flavours, resulting in a superb meal and great to share with the family.

Check out what is on the menu this week via Instagram or their website and make your order by 12 noon on the Friday. Be sure to get in quick as they do sell out. Then pick up at the coffee shop Saturday morning!

We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

They do deliver, but it is a $10 delivery fee in the inner-west area or nearby OUTFIELD suburbs since they deliver by hand (not delivery companies) between 7am and 9am on Saturday morning.

Outfield Cafe

Yeo Park, 230 Victoria Street

Ashfield NSW 2131

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