The breakfast club, Outfield style

We are big fans of Outfield cafe in Ashfield, with their use of fresh and healthy ingredients and good vibe. We also like their an environmental focus and array of products for sale in store. Pre-Covid 19, we loved sitting in the cafe as the venue has some cool decor and a lovely outlook over Yeo Park and the cricket pitch. You can even get yourself a hamper and sit outside.


However, since cafes are limited to take-away only at the moment, that’s not entirely possible. We love that Outfield are adapting their business model to stay afloat during these crazy times. Outfield are selling eggs, milk, produce, bottled pickled vegetables, as well as takeaway food.


In addition, Outfield are doing a “Breakfast Club”, which we thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. Basically the concept is you get a bunch of pre-prepared menu items and you do the finishing touches at home (whether it be heating, toasting or assembling) and enjoy in the comfort of your own home without the hard work. The breakfast club menu changes weekly and this week on the menu was the “Anzac biscuit waffles”


The brown paper bag was filled with all the necessary items and a menu and list of ingredients on the front. We received 4 of Outfield’s house-made coconut waffles, which we just needed to pop in the oven or toaster to heat. Two containers full of spiced apples to bake to top our waffles with. We also got a tub of Gelato Franco’s baked apple and cinnamon gelato, to put atop the waffles and drizzle with an ANZAC biscuit crumble and apple liqueur spiked butterscotch syrup. The serving size was extremely generous  for $58and would certainly feed 4 people (or leftovers for yourselves).

You can also choose your favourite hot coffees when you arrive as part of your breakfast club. We love the use of stitch coffee at Outfield.


The prep time didn’t take long and we enjoyed our meal in our own lounge room and there’s plenty left over for tomorrow. The food is delicious and also a bit of fun for the weekend. What a great concept for the family.


How can you get yourself a breakfast club box too? Check out what is on the menu this week via Instagram or their website and make your order by 12 noon on the Friday. Then pick up at the coffee Saturday morning.

They do deliver, but it is a $10 delivery fee in the inner-west area or nearby OUTFIELD suburbs since they deliver by hand (not delivery companies) between 7am and 9am on Saturday morning.

Outfield Cafe

Yeo Park, 230 Victoria Street

Ashfield NSW 2131


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