Seventh Wave Coffee and Tea

This coffee bar and roastery is just off the side of the Australian Technology Park in an inconspicuous location, noticeable via a small sign on the front of the warehouse space.

It’s a wholesale and retail space, operating from a warehouse. They roast their own beans and sell these retail as well as making specialty coffee to drink in store or to go.

It’s a basic set up, but who needs more when it’s all about the coffee! From Espresso, house blends, single O, Cold brew, filter, milk based.

Warm, professional, and knowledgeable staff who staff go out if their way to talk about your coffee preferences and produce an amazing cup! I had a lovely latte with nice subtle flavours and as the staff mentioned, I really didn’t need my sugar in it! What a great cup of coffee! Even better, you get a free almond or pineapple cookie to go with it.

They also do specialty teas and there’s plenty of varieties to take your fancy.

Absolutely worth making the trek to find it.

Seventh Wave Specialty coffee and tea

Unit b, 15-29 Cornwallis St Redfern,

Open 7-2:30

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