Cheers to your local

This not for profit company began in response to a few events in Australia which created thoughts ticking over in the minds of its founders Michael and Shannon.

The severe bushfires which ravaged Australia in 2019/2020 was one of the first events which impacted businesses and wages of staff.

In addition, with the Covid19 restrictions, businesses were impacted further and especially the staff working in these venues who were at the loss of a job.

Since a pub is often a place to get together, to visit for respite, was observed that pubs were a place for people to band together as a community. It is with this in mind, in addition to the lockdown measures seeing people at home talking about how much they missed a good old beer that Shannon and Michael began “Cheers To Your Local” to support the community of staff that have provided so much respite to others over the years.

Shannon and Michael believed they could help they local pub by selling “Get On The Beers” merchandise, with profits of sales donated to a nominated local pub and distributed amongst staff.

Since this time they’ve been successful in raising much needed funds for businesses in need an they’re keen to help over 1,000 venues by the end of the year!

Cheers To Your Local is more of an apt name to show a shoutout to a local business with support.

In order to fundraise, they sell a range of merchandise from ladies and men’s (long and short sleeve) t-shirts to hoodies stubbie holders.

As a buyer, the website enables you to ‘Nominate your Local’ by including the details of the pub, club or bar you wish to nominate, located in Australia.

How does it work?

Step 1: Visit and select a product you would like to purchase.

Step 2: At the checkout, nominate a pub, club or bar that you would like your sale proceeds to go to.

Step 3: they organise the rest. Each three months, they review sales and nominated locals, providing funds to those locals

* Free shipping Australia wide

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