Modern Asian food in an old police station @ Sergeant Lok, The Rocks

We really feel for venues that opened before Covid19 hit, for it must be so hard to build up their business with all the restrictions and less people dining out. This is true for Sergeant Lok, who only opened earlier this year. But it is a fabulous modern Asian bar and restaurant in the Rocks and deserves to be visited by more crowds! They are following all Covid19 safe practices so feel safe knowing you can come here worry free.

We met the delightful owner Edward Ng, dressed in his waistcoat and suit, in keeping with the era of venues history. He was so hospitable and keen to make customers feel welcome.

Located inside an old police station on George St in The Rocks, the venue shows off the heritage building well, with the old cells converted into smaller dining spaces with velvet chairs, lit up by red lights. It is perfect for small group catch ups. There are bar seats at the front of the venue and smaller tables, making it perfect for a date too.

Sergeant Lok has refreshing take on modern Asian food. This menu is a way to commemorate the influence of early Chinese settlers on the area. They hope to reflect on the past history and also appeal to the tastebuds of contemporary diners.

As we settled with a drink, the absolutely impeccably dressed waiter delivered some complimentary seaweed strips to nibble on whilst we decided on the food order. His service was A class and deserves a huge kudos for this.

The menu has a good list of Asian foods, for example, a squid ink salt-and-pepper squid made with “gunpowder” (dried chilli) and mayonnaise, soy glazed duck, blue mussels, bonito fillet, Queensland king prawns to name a few. We enjoyed their pork chives dumplings with a chilli soy ginger vinegar as well as a beautifully cooked roasted barramundi with Sambal source and topped with edamame. Food here was delicious.

Drinks wise, they add inspired by the early colony and they have a historic touch to their names as well as being carefully created to match the flavour profile of their dishes. For example “The Electoral Room” made appropriately with rum is named after one of the jail cells that was used to hold drunk men. The cocktails here were excellent. They also have plenty of wines and beers and mocktails for the non drinkers.

I loved everything about this place, beautiful aesthetics, great service and delicious food. We hope this helps to promote the restaurant.

Sergeant Lok

127 George St The Rocks

(02) 92528338


Monday to Tuesday: Closed*

Wednesday to Thursday: 4pm – 10pm

Friday to Sunday: 12noon – 10pm

*temporary change of hours due to COVID19 restrictions

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