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We’re big fans of supporting good causes, whether it be through volunteering, awareness campaigns, fundraising or even buying products with an ethical conscience, you name it and we’ll get involved. When we heard about St Remio and its specially coffee that has a focus on giving back and empowering women, we were keen to try the product and learn more.

There’s so many countries that have been affected by poverty, war and political issues which have impacted their local communities still to this day. That is certainly the case in Rwanda. After the genocide, around 1 million men were killed, leaving a gender imbalance. This led to the women of Rwanda in charge of running the coffee plantations.

St Remio decided to get involved and funded the building of a Cupping Lab in Twongere Umusaruro (TUK). This has educated the female coffee growers in this region with skills to assist in coffee production. From learning how to taste their own coffee to improving their quality of beans so that they can gain a higher yield, they are now able to gain more of an awareness of information regarding the value of their product and coffee consumption in order to make informed decisions for selling their product.

St Remio has helped 1100 strong, females lead the Co-op of Cocagi, Rwanda. The program saw St Remio purchase 4 hectares of land for the group alongside 12,000 coffee plants and other seedlings allowing them to diversify their income while they are establishing their coffee plantation.

What a fabulous initiative to not only produce a quality coffee but doing it with an ethical perspective and creating a sustainable coffee industry.

It’s wonderful to hear St Remio telling the people’s story and highlighting the importance of the grower so that we as the purchaser can make informed decisions and we know we are helping others at the same time as enjoying the coffee.

St Remio have a range of compatible Nespresso standard and compostable capsules,  Nespresso®* to Expressi®*, Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* to Caffitaly®* coffee pods as well as whole beans and ground coffee. There’s 500g bags all the way through to 1kg bulk coffee beans for those serious caffeine lovers.

The coffee is good, with bold flavours and it works perfectly as an espresso shot, made into a long black or combined with milk. I used mine in the POD machine (Nespresso) and it was just as effective, piercing well and producing a quality shot. The ground coffee is also great used for the Aeropress or French Press. You can even prep up some cold coffee for an espresso martini. We love the Supreme range, the flavour being robust and full bodied with notes of fruits. With an intensity of 13 it’s great as an espresso (but equally good in other cups).

We also love the compostable range. The entire St Remio capsule, including the lid, are both biodegradable and compostable. Made from bio-based materials you can your coffee knowing that these biodegradable coffee pods will break down in an industrial composting facility.

See their website for the products to purchase as well as keeping updated with community initiatives and stories about coffee growing communities to keep connected.

Purchase online or via Coles, Officeworks, the Good Guys and Big W.

Grab yourself a few boxes of this product and know you’re making a positive impact with your purchase. Well done to St Remio.

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