Loo Loos Coffee Warehouse

Loo Loos coffee warehouse in Kincumber is located in an industrial area with the roller door open to see the cafe and retail section.

They produce sustainably sourced coffee and sell bags of capsules and beans of their Loo Loos blend which is described as a ‘classic Napoli style that is full-bodied with low-acid and it is smooth and rich’. We found the taste to be spot on to this description.

The warehouse has a cafe which is currently only doing their coffees in a takeaway cup, but also sell a range of cakes and pastries. Packed with customers on our day of visit.

They were pretty quick on service but unfortunately the staff were having a good whinge about having to work on a Saturday morning, so they should be careful about that.

They also have a cafe / coffee shack down on the way to McMasters Beach which is more of a sit down arrangement. It was pretty busy when we visited there.

East place to grab a decent coffee.

Loo Loos Coffee Warehouse

12/11 Cochrone St

Kincumber NSW 2251

Loo Loos Coffee Shack

675 The Scenic Road

McMasters Beach NSW 2251


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