Kit Kat Chocolatory

Now here’s a place where all your childhood dreams come true. A wall of Kit Kat’s of many flavours including Japanese inspirations, as well as a Kit Kat version of a sushi bar and a design your own option.

Located in the CBD in the mid city centre, this store is a great place to visit if you’re a Kit Kat fan.

We began at the dine in section, where you can purchase single slice Kit Kat’s off the train, such as honeycomb, mint or peanut butter and jelly. Each slice will set you back $8. We also got hot chocolates topped with cream and Kit Kat’s for $13. Whilst there, you can order larger desserts, tea and coffee or soft drink.

Once we finished this, we perused the store. We bought a couple of different flavour packs and you can get boxes of 4 slices – we purchased lamington. There’s also a mix and match biz where you can mix different flavours of little ones such as rose or churros.

There’s also an option to design your own via the touch screen, but when we visited there was a 1.5 hour wait. Since there was a bit of a wait and they cost $15, we passed on this option.

A good little novelty to take the family but it does end up being an expensive venture.

Kit Kat Chocolatory

Mid City centre Sydney

Shop 54/197 Pitt Street

Sydney NSW 2000

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    Hi.. I just have to tell you this.
First of all your recipes are amazinggggggggggggggg! I don’t even know who to express it.
After starting my own cooking blog , you know being 13, I explored a lot of other cooking blogs and like a lot. But after viewing your blog, this is it, this is the perfect one. Our recipes are so different yet our taste is so same. I don’t even know how to explain.. anyway good job and keep posting!

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