The Sauce turns 1

It’s the Sauce’s first birthday, so we celebrated by cooking up a storm! In particular the mushroom sauce with steak, some extra mushies for good measure and a side of veggies!

For those of you not in the know, founder of the product, Manu Feildel created a range of delicious sauces made with honest authentic French flavours. They’ve obviously been popular, for they’re celebrating a year on the supermarket shelves!

We certainly understand the popularity, for we aren’t all fancy chefs like he is and so the range of sauces inspires us as home cooks since it is as easy as buying them from your local supermarket, heating them up and serving with your favourite meal.

Manu’s range of sauces have been made from scratch using preservative free ingredients in Australia. The flavours available include mushroom, peppercorn, lamb and Rosemary and red wine.

If you’re not sure what to pair them with you can find some recipes on the website.

Personally, we love that it is a way to produce a restaurant ready French classic in no time.

Find these at your local Woolworths.

We’d like to thank Rocketcomms for gifting the sauces from Manu, as well as the Woolworths groceries.

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