Copper Mill @ Alexandria

Industrial cafe in Alexandria, the Copper Mill has been somewhere we’ve been plenty of times but it had simply fallen off our radar in recent years. Driving past not long ago, we saw huge crowds leading our attention to it and we decided to make a return (and a few more times at that).

The cafe has friendly service and a great approach to business since they like to support other local businesses; sourcing ethical single origins for coffee, Australian grown teas, vegan business owners and Sydney based bakers and butchers to offer menu items promoting sustainable practices.

They have a rustic menu with generous portions and they have plenty of healthy options and lots of interesting dishes for Vegan and Gluten Free diners such as the Vegan Brekkie roll or the Vegan Avo on toast.

Picture – The Origin Corner

We enjoyed the seasonal green bowl with kale, asparagus, snap peas, almonds and baked polenta (no dressing) – a tasty and healthy vegan dish.

We also really loved their corn and zucchini griddle cake. Nice and soft and served with a poached egg, balsamic beetroot relish, mint yoghurt and avocado.

Other dishes include bacon and egg rolls, granola bowls, beef brisket salads and plenty of sandwiches including a mighty fine Rueben.

Whilst sitting there we spotted what looked like a sausage roll; but it was a Vegan Mushroom roll. Soft pastry and a tasty filling of herbed mushroom, Dijon and fennel. It is a good option for Vegan eaters on the go. Their front counter also has sweet treats including vegan cakes and even some alfajores.

In addition, they have excellent coffee which exposed us to a new brand: Golden Cobra (made in Mecca’s warehouse) and single origin espressos.

Keep in mind it is popular and always very busy so get in early is what we say.

The Copper Mill

338-356 Mitchell Road

Alexandria NSW 2015


Open 7-3 daily (from 8 on Saturdays)

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