Sydney Vegan Tours

Sydney Vegan Tours has just started up in Sydney after having success in Melbourne. The Vegan community in Sydney are growing and it’s great to get an insight into restaurants and stores available in Sydney for Vegan diners to find some delicious food options.

Sydney Vegan Tours are offering tours in different locations, beginning with the tour we experienced in Glebe. For $89, they take you to a few places including the Cruelty Free store and three different food locations. It’s super great value for a lovely day out and the opportunity to try different foods and meet new people.

The meeting place was at the Cruelty Free shop on Glebe Point Road. It’s a great meeting spot, whilst you wait for people to arrive you can look around at what the shop has to offer and even buy yourselves a few things. They have over 3500 vegan and cruelty free products including cooking ingredients, ice cream, snack food, sweets and even pet food. The store also sells Vegan make-up, shoes by Birkenstock and Doc Martins as well as a range of handbags. It really opens you eyes to a great range of products all in the one location.

Meeting the group is easy since the guide Sarah (and on this occasion Dan as well) is there in the Sydney Vegan tours T-shirt. We also receive a environmentally friendly shopping bag, some products (Vegan Aioli by Dibble and Bennetto chocolate) and some fact sheets to read through. We also hear about the tour for the day and are our way.

A walking tour is great to explore an area and get a sense of the amazing stores and cafes around, whilst also meeting many like minded people and hearing a range of life experiences. We really enjoyed this aspect of it.

We walked down Glebe point road where we pass a few Vegan places (not on this tour, but incorporated into some of them) and head into Victoria Park (cnr Broadway and ) in the Sydney University surrounds. We make our first cafe visit to the Gardeners Lodge cafe. In and old historic building, it has been converted into a Plant based cafe, boasting a wide range of Vegan items from cakes to sandwiches and even pastas. This comes to us from the famed ‘Gigis’ superstar chefs.

Here we begin with a coffee of our choosing, espressos, cold brews, hot chocolate or turmeric latte if that’s your preference. Coffee beans by Flying Pig Coffee.

Whilst we wait for our mains, the lovely staff bring us some Vegan cheese and Charcoal crackers which was polished off pretty quickly! So good you wouldn’t know the difference.

We the quickly polished off a few panini, our favourites were the oyster mushroom with raddicio and vegan blue cheese on a crispy sourdough. We also loved the schnitzel (plant based) roll with avo, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayo.

The next stop on the journey was to Salts Meats Cheese. You would not expect this place to be Vegan, however they have an amazing all you can eat pizza and pasta Vegan menu at $20 pp with any drink purchase. They had some amazing pizzas using Vegan Cheese! There are plenty of plenty of pizzas available. We enjoyed the eggplant pizza, the Patatufo with ‘not-Zarella’, roasted potato, rosemary, truffle, garlic as well as the Zucca – pumpkin purée, crispy capers, and walnuts.

They also have pastas on the menu such as the Rigatoni All’Arrabita, Linguine Al Funghi – vegan cream, mushroom and roasted hazlenuts, Rigatoni Alla Norma – not-Zarella, eggplant, napolitana as well as Seasonal Linguine – napolitana, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, basil, pangrattato. We didn’t have pasta on this visit but it’s good to know it’s available.

After this we took a walk down Ambercrombie street to Something for Jess Cafe. It’s an eclectic little place, quite rustic in its styling. We like that they have art for sale on the wall, showcasing local artists, with some money being raised for charity.

Food wise they have a weekly menu change with their fritters and we tried mini zucchini fritters with salad and sweet potato. We tried some amazing cakes – the apple and cinnamon bread was phenomenal!!

After this stop the tour finished and we thanked the hosts for a wonderful day. We thoroughly recommend this to meet new people and find yourself introduced to new Vegan stores to visit.

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Sydney Vegan Tours

Soulara – plant based delivery service

I am not a vegan, I am not a vegetarian, however I do see the benefits of it. I am a healthy eater and believe in the importance of a fresh and clean diet. So why am I eating Soulara you may ask?


There are many benefits to a plant based diet and I feel that eating plant based foods throughout the week make my diet have a really nice balance and I feel alive and healthy when eating nutritious foods.


I’ve been ordering Soulara for a number of weeks now and there’s many things I love about it.


  • 100 % plant based meals using high quality ingredients put together by experienced chefs
  • A rainbow of ingredients to boost your metabolism, increase immunity and fight toxins
  • Packed full of superfoods, grains, nuts, greens and vegetables
  • The calorie count is low and perfect for a lunch or dinner meal without overeating
  • It’s fresh and not frozen food, and is a lot tastier than brands I’ve tried in the past
  • It is a food delivery service, so it is conveniently dropped at my work (or home) on a Thursday, and well packaged with a frozen ice pack to keep it cool in an awesome silver box
  • The menu has a lot of variety; from patties, to soup, to salads and some of these change weekly so you can continue to order those you like, or swap it up a bit
  • There’s snacks too, like cacao balls, peanut butter cups, juice and kombucha’


You can have meal plans prepared for you over 9 ($103.50 a week) – 18 meals ($171 a week)


So whatever you are aiming to focus on, whether it be improved focus, weight loss, detox, meal prepping, find what works for you. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Where to get Vegan food in Melbourne @ Melbourne Vegan Food tours

Everyone knows that Melbourne is the place for eating and drinking. There’s countless cafes and bars for you to choose from. And, with the rise of the Vegan movement, this means more restaurants opening to cater to Vegan diners. How do you know where to go? You can spend hours scrolling through Instagram or google to choose a place that inspires you. Now, by joining a food tour, you can get readily available information about new places to visit with all that research done for you!


Melbourne Vegan Tours, the brainchild of Jessica Ivers and Dan Pinne take you on the journey of your palate through the streets of Melbourne, in particular, Fitzroy.

For $89, each tour will take you on a 3 hour journey down Brunswick street, stopping at 4-5 locations and sampling food at places such as Vegie Bar, Tahina, Vegan style, Fina’s and the Cruelty free shop. Your ticket price includes starters, shared main meals, dessert and a drink.


You will hear the story behind each business and being a small tour, it is in a personal setting.


It’s not just about the food. You can meet other likeminded people, socialise and share the journey with.


What an enjoyable way to spend your Saturday!

For information and bookings:

Email –
Email –
Instagram – melbvegantours
Website –

Chalong’s food scene @ Phuket, Thailand

I thought I’d write this blog so if you’re staying in Chalong for a training camp, you’ll be well informed. I was here quite a while so tried lots of options. 

 The area also has a few places I didn’t go, but you may like, such as a Vegan restaurant and also an Acai cafe. There’s also plenty of bars, but they’re mostly empty given people are here to train, unless there is a big sports match on (or it’s Saturday night). The area really suits any diners. Given that people stay in this area to train, food options are predominately healthy based but you can also get a cheat meal or have a few beers if you so desire.

I also know people are hesitant to eat salad and fresh foods in countries like Thailand, but I’ve eaten salad almost every day and not sick at all. I think they understand the market and what westerners expect and wash salad with filtered water. 

 Overwhelming staff are a bit standoffish when you order, but get to know them and they’re super friendly. 

You can get incredibly cheap things but if you go to any of the healthy food style cafes, the price seems to skyrocket for the western diner. 

Tiger Grill

If staying at Tiger Muay Thai or you’re on an all inclusive package, you can dine at Tiger. They are open every day, from early until late. If you order a protein like a steak, you have access to the salad bar. They also do smoothies, protein shakes, refreshing drinks and coffee. They have a weight loss menu and regular menu. The food here is superb, albeit the most expensive for the area. I absolutely loved the whole-wheat pasta as well as the weight loss chicken salad. They have well developed flavours and extremely filling. I would have dined here more if the prices were cheaper. 



Nommy yoghurt

 When you’re training in the fitness street of Chalong, eating health food day in, day out.. you sometimes need a treat! I saw this and decided to get some. It’s pretty healthy too! Natural yogurt or three protein options that change daily (when I was there it was bounty, melon and peach. You then add your favourite toppings. There’s some healthy options like fruit and coconut and nuts as well as protein balls, protein brownies (these are great), as well as Oreos, cookies and chocolate. Reduced sugar and gluten free (if you only add fruit toppings).

The lady working was friendly and the store is super clean. 

It’s 70baht per 100 grams. Worth it for a treat! 


Real coffee 


A great little coffee shop in the fitness district of Chalong. At the back of a little plaza. You can get your typical latte/cappuccino etc and they do some pretty good latte art. Or if thai coffee is your thing, they also sell that. Friendly service. They also have free wifi 


Cafe de Kaiya

 A restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is indoors, so there’s air con and you can enjoy your meal without being too hot. There’s plenty of meals to suit your fancy but I really liked the shrimp Caesar salad – very fresh and flavoursome shrimp. Free wifi and service is quick. 


Latte Caffe 

 Close to the entrance of the street, in a small space (though I hear it is moving), I really like this cafe.

You will too if you just accept the staff aren’t greatly friendly or welcoming (except the lady who takes your money). They open at 8:30 which is a tad late for those of us that want to eat before training. They have lots of breakfast options, particularly fitness fanatics choices like oats, protein waffles and scrambled egg, omelettes etc. For lunch there’s a range of baguettes, salads and more.  I ordered a tuna salad, a generous serve with toast on the side. One of my favourite things here is the apple snack – cut up apple topped with peanut butter, cornflakes, chia and nuts for only 85 baht. A great healthy little cafe. 





This is a good restaurant with a spacious area to dine. It is part of a hotel, but located on the Main Street. Serving western dishes, predominantly pizza and pasta, probably less healthy than other places in the area. They also have plenty of thai options. I had a mix of both, a shrimp Caesar salad and Tom yum soup. The salad was nice, and they bring you out a few dressings to add your own. The soup was good but very spicy! Staff here are very happy and welcoming, probably better service than most places in the area.



 I didn’t plan on going here as it’s an Italian restaurant and I wasn’t wanting to eat heavy carbs, but took it as a cheat meal as my friends wanted to go. They have an incredibly huge menu with plenty of pastas and pizzas, as well as salads and a few antipasto type meals. I ordered a bolognaise fettuccine with zucchini. It was delicious and a generous portion. The cheese focaccia was amazing – a really big focaccia too. The pizzas are also proper Italian style. You can also get wine and beers here to accompany your dinner. Not cheap nor expensive, about mid range. Staff are friendly and good at their job. 


BBQ Club

 The BBQ, next to the famous “Ali’s BBQ” has moved next door and it’s pretty much the same cuisine and menu (something to do with business partners falling out) but this is in an extremely western looking venue, quite trendy inside with a huge kitchen and grill and a basic outdoor area and dessert bar.


Notorious for their meats, with accompanying sides, huge skewers and a range of other meals like wraps, pitas and burgers. They also do an amazing falafel and hummus plate, which I had, complete with pickles, breads and  it was awesome. Possibly the best hummus and falafels I’ve had (and not just in Thailand). I also got a side of chicken that was marinated really nicely. Safe to say, I’d highly recommend this.



They also do delivery if you’re in a 2 km radius. Order through Facebook or Instagram. I was getting my hair done and had the food delivered there!

Ali’s BBQ

As explained previously, it basically serves the same food as BBQ Club but in a more outdoors type version (Covered roofs). They’ve recently undergone renovations, but when we were there it was raining and the place was not coping with that too well. Food is as good as BBQ hut, just has more average presentation on plastic plates etc. They also sell juices and protein ice cream as well as alcoholic beverages. 

Puding Lodge coffee 

They open early (6:30 am) which is great because most places do not, but closed at dinner. Extremely cheap options for breakfast and lunch. For example my breakfast set of tea (or you can have coffee), fruit, a plate of eggs, toast, bacon and sausage only cost $100 baht! Very friendly lady working there too. I came here a few times. 

Muscle Bar 

 I visited here a few times. It is super popular with the fitness guru tourists, as well as the trainers. Plenty of room, air con and a tv. The food isn’t cheap, nor outrageously expensive. I would say mid range (around 300-400 baht a meal and approx 100 for your shake.


There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner foods; protein pancakes, wraps, burgers, proteins + choice of sides, healthy curries, pastas and more. 


I tried lots of things, mostly had chicken with my choice of side – salad, quinoa, sweet potato. You can get add ons too. 


I must say, before this trip, I hated anything that used protein powder. A friend I met here encouraged me to try a shake. The cookies and cream protein shake is superb. It is legitimately like having a proper milkshake. I am hooked. 

They also have protein pancakes which I tried today / made from egg white, protein powder, chia and served with a banana, cinnamon,  natural yoghurt and honey. You receive two and they’re so super filling. 


Koko Hut

A small cafe serving whole-wheat based pizzas and wraps to suit the fitness and diet conscious in the area. They also do “champ add ons”. So order your choice of meat, and add sides. I elected to have chicken breast with mixed veggies and sweet potato. Chicken was a bit over cooked and sweet potato seemed reheated. However I revisited for a salad wrap, which was lovely. The sweet potato fries second time around were freshly baked and super good. I also tried a steak which was quite good too! Fairly cheap for all meals. Staff aren’t particularly friendly but efficient. I wasn’t drinking but the sign suggested a super cheap happy hour. 

They have a TV screen with mostly sports playing and free wifi. 

Circle Coffee

 I was staying in Chalong to do Muay Thai and found this cafe about 1.5 k walk away. Seeing as though it looked superb, I went for a walk.

A cute little cafe, nicely styled (reflective of Bangkok cafes), they sell good coffee and food – breakfast, lunch and dinner of both western, thai and Japanese cuisines. They also have a dessert menu.


I had a lovely yoghurt pannacotta, compete with granola and fresh fruits and it was superb. The coffee is super smooth and not too strong. Staff are lovely too! Not expensive either! 


Phai Thai / Ooops Shakes

This little shack has a little hut selling smoothies and protein shakes at the front an the inner part of the shack selling thai and some western food. The food is extremely cheap, 75-100 baht a meal. The servings are fairly small, so I ordered two. A chicken cashew stir fry, brown rice and also a pad thai. Service is super fast. It is a covered facility with fans and can be hot in the day so I’d recommend going at night. 

O Cha Dee


The food here is outrageously cheap. Most things are around 60-80 baht and you can get a whole breakfast set including tea and juice and fruit for only 150!

A menu of predominately thai food with some western choices, they say all the food is match from scratch using proper ingredients like olive oil, sea salt, brown sugar, grass fed butter, coconut oil and they tell us they don’t use MSG, refined sugar or artificial ingredients.

I ordered chicken with sweet and sour sauce as well as “prawns” with broccoli. think she misheard, because it’s pork, but all good. Both added up to 160 THB. I didn’t have rice, but you can get normal rice or brown for the health conscious! 


The Shack

This place is a lovely healthy food restaurant, spacious inside and decorated with heaps of chalk drawn images and information about healthy eating. The menu is awesome, they have plenty of health food smoothies,  breakfast bowls and omelettes and for lunch and dinner you can order a salad or your choice of protein and sides, plus a marinade. I had lean mince chilli con carne (absolutely delicious!) with broccoli, corn and baked sweet potato fries. This was awesome. 


 Hogfather Palai


Located about 2 km from Tiger Muay Thai, you could probably walk, but in this instance I got a taxi for 100 baht. It is a smokehouse serving brisket, ribs, pulled pork, burgers and more. You can see the big smoker outside! Quite a big venue with plenty of space to dine in. I ordered the sampler of low and slow bbq which had 2 slides of brisket, 3 ribs, 180 g of pulled pork with slaw, mashed potato and bbq sauce. The meats were beautifully smoked and it was the perfect way to try everything.


IMG_4094Drinks wise there’s soft drinks and a range of beers, many on tap from Thailand, Singapore, Belgium, Germany and even little creatures from Australia. 


 What a great place to visit for dinner. The lovely staff member offered to give me a lift home when I asked about getting a taxi. How kind!

Salad Labz

This can be found close to Tiger Muay Thai (owned by one of the trainers) at the back of a small plaza. Only a small store with two benches to eat at. You can also order take away. Basically you order the base of your salad (lettuce or pasta), and select any add ons (like chicken, ham, cheese, etc)and a dressing and they mix it up for you. The portion was enormous and super tasty. Lovely lady working the shop too. (TIP – she also sells some pretty cool and amazing yoga tights).



Well there you have it – hope this helps future travellers 🙂


New kid on the block in Marrickville @Labld


Labld is a relatively new cafe in Marrickville. Set up in an old cornerstore, with the original facade, inside is a hip hop trendy locale. The place is busy with punters enjoying the morning grind. The milked based coffee is really good, using beans from Mecca, served alongside their delicious menu using local artisan products, which they also sell instore.


The menu has interesting choices, with Asian inspired flavours. With the likes of momos, typically a Nepalese specialty, these dumplings morphed into an amazing breakfast choice with their “Breakfast momos”. These little pockets of joy, filled with wine infused bacon, egg tomatoes and shallots.


There are also a few heathy options that also deliver in the flavour department. The house cereal was the goods. This vegan dish uses nicely seasoned organic granola topped with seasonal fruit and a generous serve of co-yo (that’s coconut yoghurt) which was actually very tasty. Then there is the 3 mushketeers if you are after something savoury. The trifecta of mushrooms made up of king, field and enoki, served atop of berry rice gremolata and a fried egg. This dish is gluten free and a great choice for breakfast or lunch.



If you like your eggs, they have the amazing birds nest. This dish is a spectacle, with a nicely presented poached egg wrapped in crisp potato spaghetti, served with avocado puree, fried leek and snow pea tendrils.

A great new comer to the Marrickville cafe scene. Labld. has great coffee a cool set up and innovative menu. One to add to your list of must visits in the area


132-134 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville (02) 8056 0686

Vegan Thai delights@Kindness Cafè

When you go to a cafe called the Kindness cafe, you’re expecting a lovely place and really positive atmosphere. That’s exactly what you get! Quite possibly the nicest lady ever, Dusadee the owner takes us to our table and gives us a rundown of the concept. She wanted to deliver beautiful and delicious Thai food that was organic and doesn’t harm any animals in the process. That said, it is a vegetarian / vegan restaurant. Normally wouldn’t be our scene, being protein lovers, but we were completely satisfied. 

We had seen some beautiful pics of their famous corn fritters on Instgram and had to visit the Kindness Cafe. Situated in a nice little dining precinct in Darlinghurst with. Kindness cafe is situated between two extremely busy restaurants. We tried a couple of starters – the wonderfully fresh rice paper rolls, with tofu, the corn fritters which the corn tasted incredible and some roti! Loved them. 

For the main, a delicious vegetable red curry named Thai garden. As expected with Thai it had some spice to it, but it was managable! We decided to have rice and some awesome crispy noodles with vegetables aswell. 

They also have rice pudding and fruit for dessert. It is BYO and they offer delivery as well. The owners are lovely and really believe in their concept. We left fulfilled, worth a visit for some great Thai cuisine even if you are a carnivore.

Kindness Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato