Mensch Bagels

Mensch Bagels, founded by Mike Samaha was inspired by a trip to NYC where he fell in love with bagels. Having visited NYC ourselves and having eaten our fair share of bagels, we certainly can understand this.

We made a visit to the Surry Hills store and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Mensch Bagels. This small little shop is pumping out a lot of bagels, the store being very popular already! They have savoury bagels that can have a crunchy golden brown crust and a chewy texture and you can get them plain or topped with poppy seeds, fennel seeds or sesame seeds. We found them super tasty and not too dense. We also absolutely loved the blueberry bagel, probably the best we’ve had. The exterior was salty and sweet with a fluffy fruity dough inside. Whilst we ate ours plain, you can get them with a schmear or cream cheese and honey.

For the filled bagels, there’s the traditional gravlax with lox and a cream cheese schmear on a poppy seed schmear. There’s also the chicken Waldorf, curried egg, Za’atar or tri-tip steak. We opted for the tri-tip cooked flank steak option since it was lunch and we were hungry! The fennel seed bagel was filled with the Tri-tip Steak, Smashed Potatoes, Salsa Verde, and Danish Feta.

Drink wise, there’s sample coffee on offer and it’s the perfect place for a takeaway meal.

Mensch Bagels

475 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW

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