Truff hot sauce – mini bottles, perfect for the handbag

For the lover of hot sauce and truffle, then TRUFF is for you. TRUFF’s hot sauce range has three different varieties; original, infused with white truffle or the hotter hot sauce! We tried the original truffle hot sauce, made with black truffle and red chilli.

As you open the bottle, the truffle flavour emerges in all its delicate aromas, and we let out a huge ahhhh for it smells amazing.

We try the sauce by itself and it’s got a good hot 🔥 kick to it. We then pour a generous amount on top of our burger and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine feed!

We had the pack with 4 small bottles, perfectly convenient to pop in your bag and add to your meal wherever you may be. The bottles are beautiful too. We love the exquisitely designed bottle, a solid strong bottle which has a screw top lid that is crowned with a geometric design, reflective of a truffle itself.

We think the sauce is a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Check out their website for more details. There’s also free delivery at the moment which is even more if an incentive to buy now!

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