Tokyo Den @ Burwood

Located across the road from Burwood Park is new Japanese buffet restaurant Tokyo Den.

Offering a fixed price unlimited menu, diners can enjoy a two hour sitting sampling and savouring a wide variety of dishes.

There’s a great selection of food including:

Harumaki (vegetarian spring rolls)

Agetofu (panko crumbed fresh tofu)

Prawn Gyoza

Korokke (panko crumbed potato)

Miso Soup

Chicken Katsu Bun (panko chicken in steamed bun)

Buta Kakuni Manju (braised pork belly in soy sauce glaze served in steamed bun)

Gyu Kyushiyaki (chargrill beef skewers with teriyaki sauce)

Chicken Yakitori (chargrill chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce)

Teriyaki Chicken

Truffle Fried Rice

Yaki Udon (stir fry udon noodles with chicken, vegetables and yakisoba sauce)

Tuna Mayo Roll

Yakiniku Beef Hand Roll

Wakame Salad

Assorted Sushi Platter

Assorted Sashimi Platter

Green Tea Ice Cream

Black Sesame Ice Cream

The best part is that after perusing and drooling over the menu, complete with photos and clear descriptions of menu items, wait staff will take your order at the table and bring your food to you.

For those unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine, it’s a risk-free way to trial the different styles of preparation and cooking; from sushi, tempura and udon to soba, yakitori and yakiniku. Just be aware that by default, serving sizes are according to the size of the dining party so if only one person in your group fancies sashimi, be sure to specify you only want one portion when ordering.

It’s a great way to try many Japanese options, especially when dining as a group. Adults cost $38.80 pp, children 4-12 $19.90 and under 3 are free. See their website to book.

Tokyo Den

66A Burwood Road

Burwood NSW 2135


Tuesday:      5.30pm – 9.30pm
Wednesday: 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Thursday:     5.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday:           5.30pm – 9.30pm
Saturday:      12.00pm – 2.00pm
                       5.30pm – 9.30pm
Sunday:        12.00pm – 2.00pm
                       5.30pm – 9.30pm

Thewhereto dined as guests of Tokyo Den

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