Sky high drinks and views @ Dean and Nancy on 22

Dean and Nancy was on our must visit list from the day we saw it advertised. Unfortunately, due to pregnancy and later lockdown, it took us a while to get there.


We made our visit just a few weeks ago and we believe this is probably the best bar we’ve been to in Australia. Timeless, classy, sophisticated and fun to be found o the 22nd floor of the Adina hotel. This place is high class, where customers sit in booths overlooking the city skyline and CBD below. The ambience is amazing, and has a playful feel to it all. There’s a piano occupying the centre, a jazz singer and even bar staff tinkering to the tunes with their bottles.


Brought to us from the Maybe Sammy team, the cocktails are just as good. They have curated an amazing list – featuring gin, pisco, rum, coffee to name a few. My cocktail even came with a matching tub of hand cream with the aroma of my drink.

The food was wonderful. On our small tabletop we managed to fit our drinks and a quick bar snack, as well as dessert. There are much larger plates too, from the land and garden. We opted for some little things such as nuts, olives and the Kingfish sashimi. The sashimi was lovely and refreshing dressed with smoked soy, apple, shisho, pickled ginger, a seaweed cracker and wasabi mayo. We followed up with the passionfruit bombe Alaska, a huge dessert that was so tasty – ,ade with a passionfruit sorbet, chocolate sorbet and coconut praline, and of course the torched Italian meringue.

We recommend booking since the place is small and you want to guarantee yourself a table here. Book early evening, watch the sunset, grab some food and drinks into the evening. It is an all round amazing experience. It is pricy, so save for a special occasion. But it’s absolutely worth it.

Dean and Nancy on 22

2 Hunter Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Hours (in Covid times, be sure to double check their Instagram page)

4:30-12am Wed-Thurs

4:30-1am Friday-Sat

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