Okami all you can eat Japanese – Rose Bay

Okami is a Japanese all you can eat restaurant with table service. They have grown over the past few years and now have Restaurants all over Australia, including 6 in NSW. We have previously visited the Marrickville location, and we also got an all you can eat pack during the 2020 covid lockdown. This time, we visited another store in Rose Bay. The restaurant is right down by the water and parking spots are easy to come by.

The restaurant is large and plenty of space to even dine as a group. The concept is excellent. Youu order off the menu and each dish is made to order. You can order everything at once, or as you go. Their all you can eat price is just $36. 80, which is really good value for the amount you can eat, whilst also being of good quality.

The Okami menu is a list of Japanese classics; takoyaki, agedashi tofu, chawan mushi, beef carpaccio, miso soup, edamame, a choice of prawn or vegetarian gyoza, seaweed salad, sushi, sashimi, teriyaki beef and chicken, this just name a few. The sushi / sashimi platter is a great way to taste a variety of fish.

There’s plenty of carbs too; udon, fried rice, spring rolls and tempura.

We especially loved the vegetarian gyoza, as well as the miso beef. This time, we also tried a delicious lightly seared sliced steak; their wagyu carpaccio, served with ponzu sauce and mayo. 

The food was excellent and we ordered a good amount of dishes, and since we enjoyed them so much, we got some more afterwards. The sushi and sashimi platters are a great choice too, especially since there’s good variety on the plate. This restaurant is a great place for sharing with friends, since you can order so many things.

We also made room for dessert, the vanilla ice cream and a black sesame taiyaki – fish.

Drink wise, you can BYO for only $5 a bottle or you can buy beer, sake, soft drinks at the restaurant.

Service was efficient and very pleasant, the whole experience being a pleasure to have. A great option to have all your favourite Japanese foods at a reasonable price.



Mond-Thurs – 17:30 – 10 (and until 11 on Fridayand Saturday)

Sat lunch – 12 noon- 3pm

Sunday dinner – 5pm – 10pm

19:45 – 22:00


624-634 Old South Head Road

Rose Bay 2029


Thewhereto were hosted by the restaurant

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