Make out meals

Available in NSW, VIC and NSW, these meals are a “do it yourself cook” where it’s all packaged up ready to go.

You can select from 9 different recipes that have been crafted by Australian restaurants. Your choices are delivered to your door. You then grab all the ingredients and follow the recipe card provided and in 30 mins or more, your meal is ready to serve and eat.

We made Emilia Jackson’s Baba’s meatballs. These were so so delicious, using Pork and veal mince, breadcrumb mix and tomato Sugo. It was served on couscous and with a side of zucchini salad. We thought the serving size for 3 people was super generous too. The recipe was easy to follow and also didn’t require lots of equipment.

Our other meal was a taco kit from La Tortilleria.

We just needed to spice and marinated the chicken and serve atop the corn tortillas that we warmed in the fry pan and a and some refreshing salsa.

These are restaurant quality dishes that are easy enough to cook up by anyone, simply follow the recipe and boom, you have a tasty dish in the comfort of your own home.

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