Little West

This friendly neighbourhood cafe in Haberfield has an old worldly feel to its decor, with its heritage tiles and crisp white walls. In a bustling little residential street, the cafe is only small with minimal seating but the whole place is big on food, flavour and hospitality. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive.

What brought us in was a beautiful Instagram grid showcasing a Muffaletta that we had to try. A Muffaletta is hard to come by these days, we recal the last one we had was a tiny one at A1 canteen (since no longer)! The Muffaletta one here is the best we’ve had. It was mighty delicious! Meats, pickles, greens and the olives were a good addition, all sandwiched between Sonoma bakery Miche.

The farm bowl was a nice healthy bowl, some rice topped with pickles, roasted pumpkin, slaw and greens and it’s possible to add chicken or salmon to it.

Their menu also has the likes of granola, toasties, and bacon and egg rolls of course.

We also recommend one of their choc chip damper pieces with butter and golden syrup. I always remember having a good old damper from the local show and each year, but this is next level!!

Their coffee is by Melbourne brand Market Lane, the flavour is light and delicate.

We also love that the store also sells bottled pickles and jam, t shirts and other artisan goods.

The cafe was so good in every way and we appreciate the stellar service provided by our waiter, Sebastian.

We look forward to returning.

Little West

Waratah Street Haberfield


7am -2:30 daily (closed Mondays)

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