Hahndorf Farm Barn

If you’re in South Australia, be sure to head out to the German influenced town of Hahndorf. Whilst in Hahndorf, we recommend visiting the Farm Barn with the family. It is a children’s farmyard and wildlife park but also a great place to play in the park and have a picnic.

Whilst in the park, you can hold, touch and feed most of the animals. In the first space are baby animals such as chicks, and lambs and you can go in their pens and hold them.

In the outdoor spaces, there’s animals to feed and oat such as cows, goats, deer, alpacas, ponies and more.

You can look in reptile cases and also see plenty of birds.

They also run a pretty corny led milking show and guests can have a go of milking the cow.

In addition, there’s plenty more for the kids to do such as ride a tractor, mini electric diggers in the sand pit (all at extra cost) and play in the park.

There’s lots to do and see, so you’ll probably find yourselves there are while so take food and settle in the bbq and picnic areas. It even caters to groups and birthday parties.

Staff were friendly and helpful. We did find it a bit pricy, especially when you pay extra for all the activities too. But it’s perfect for a fun day out for the kiddies.

Hahndorf Farm Barn


2282 Mount Barker Road

Hahndorf, SA 5245


Open 10am – 4pm

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