Emma Sleep Hotel and the Sleep Degustation

Award winning German mattress brand Emma has collaborated with Darlinghurst’s charming Strand Hotel to create the first ever Sleep Emma Hotel in Sydney.

At the special pop-up preview event, guests were greeted by the resident “Snoreman” at “Rest-ception” and invited to experience different Emma mattresses in a selection of The Strand Hotel’s guest rooms, including the luxurious Emma Platinum zzZuites.

With a dedicated in-house sleep research team, you just know the beds are going to be super comfy. The Sleep zzZ-uites have been designed by Emma snooze-ologists to cater to different sleepers, perfect because we all are unique in our needs. The 10 custom suites have sleep assistance packs, evening turndown service, and a room service menu that includes items such as a guided meditation or bedtime story and a pillow pairing session, all designed to craft your experience to get a well rested stay. If a good nights sleep is a rarity for you like it is for us, then you might need to book yourself in!

From today, Thursday 22nd until Monday Monday the 26th of June, The Emma Sleep Hotel has a rooftop bar that has transformed into a sleep themed bar, serving delicious beverages that have been custom made with sleep-centric ingredients such as lavender and chamomile. Some examples include:

• Melon-tonin Marg: A strawberry and watermelon margarita. Strawberries contain a key ingredient that supports the creation of melatonin, a hormone that’s crucial in helping you sleep.

• White Sbagliato: A classic cocktail reimagined with chamomile and honey to aid in restfulness and digestion while falling asleep.

• Nanna Nap (Non-alc): Warm chai latte with house made oat milk and pineapple caramel.

The folks at Emma Mattress take their sleep so seriously they curated a “Sleepgustation” seven course menu, which was revealed at a secret rooftop event. Designed by global sleep scientists featuring ingredients and sleep inducing foods that have been carefully curated to help drift customers to sleep, for what you eat does impact your sleep.

Against the backdrop of the stunning city skyline, diners were treated to a thoughtful arrangement of dishes featuring sleep inducing ingredients like fatty fish packed with melatonin and potatoes and nuts to stimulate serotonin.

With fun names like Slumberland Ceviche, Night-Night Gnocchi and Cluck Cluck Snooze, the menu is technically designed to send you to sleep but the sheer deliciousness and anticipation for each menu item was enough to keep one alert! But, by the end of it, you’re certainly ready to get some shut eye.

The Emma Hotel Sleepgustation menu is as below


Slumberland Ceviche – scallop ceviche served in its shell with a Chardonnay and chilli-infuse vinaigrette

Nightcap Nicoise – seared tuna, served with greens and a hard boiled egg

Snore by the Shore – confit king salmon served with braised borlotti beans


Night-Night Gnocchi – brown butter potato gnocchi, served with potato clouds

Lights Out Smoked Trout – smoked trout served atop a pillowy potato hash with creme fraiche

Cluck Cluck Snooze – chicken pot pie served with green beans and fresh leafy green salad


Sweet Sheets – mille-feuille, cherries and pistachios

What an incredible curated menu that is so unique and creative; and designed with better sleep as the end goal. For $60 per person, it’s also incredibly good value. See the website for more information and to book for yourself. Though, get in soon, for its only for a short time.


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