Bouillon l’Entrecote

Recently,we were lucky enough to visit the exceptional Saturday Set Lunch at Bouillon l’Entrecote in Circular Quay. Fine dining is always so expensive but at Bouillon l’Entrecote you can get sophisticated and high quality French bistro food at reasonable prices! Every Sat, they offer a 2 course set meal for $59 or $69 for 3 courses, with a choice between 2 options at each course.

We dined as a pair and shared each of the available options as well as some sides.

The restaurant itself is beautifully set out, quite picturesque and feels like you’re in a French Bistro with its European flair and on point decor. Close to Circular Quay and in Quay Quarters Sydney , the 70 seat restaurant features marble counters, red banquet seats and stools, French posters and plenty of Wine and Champagne bottles adorn the space.

We began with two beautifully presented entrees. The escargot was a highlight, 6 snails served with flavour packed parsley butter. The process of eating the snails was a fun novelty on this occasion, the Snails were served on a special dish with a divot to hold each snail, there was a clamping implement to grab the snail shell, this is to prevent you burning your fingers, there was also a snail fork, to help you fish out the snail meat. Once this process was completed, we placed the snail meat on a piece of buttered baguette and poured the remaining sauce from the shell over the top, this was simply delicious.

The other option were the leeks in French vinaigrette and fried onion. Another beautifully presented dish, two opaque battons, served with a crisp fried onion on top. This dish was served cold, the leeks easily pulling apart to eat and had a slight acidic taste from the vinagrette, the a hit of texture from the fried onion.

For the mains there is a choice of beef, chicken or fish. We ordered the flank steak pommes frites and the chicken breast forestiere sauce and shared. The steak was perfectly cooked and was simply delicious. The chicken beautifully tender served with the rich creamy mushroom sauce was a standout. We used the chips from the steak dish to mop up the left over sauce. We also ordered some sides to accompany the mains; the decadent Paris mash with truffle oil, the crisp green beans with garlic and hazelnuts and the rich cauliflower gratin. The sides definitely pushed us to being over full, as the portions of each dish were substantial.

We needed to tap into our reserve stomach, the dessert stomach for the final course. The choice between 2 classics, the creme brûlée and the crepe in orange sauce. We shared again, so tried both options. The Creme Brulee was done very well, we broke through the crisp crust to get to the silky, vanilla goodness beneath. The crepe with its glistening orange sauce was also very inviting and luckily a lighter option.

We left Boulion L entrecôte very satisfied and happy. It was a great meal, the service were excellent, very attentive, explaining each dish and presenting the wine with an explanation on where it was from and the grape varieties. Definitely recommended this dining experience, it was something special and let’s face it, you will probably spend the same on a meal that is not as good, at the local pub. It is the absolutely perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Bouillon LeEntrecote

6 Loftus Street

Sydney NSW 2000


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