Anita Gelato

Try out Anita Gelato for an authentic artisan gelato experience, as well trying shakes, coffee and even waffles. Anita gelato had its origins over 20 years ago, starting from a small kitchen amongst family to its prime position as a boutique gelato store in multiple locations around the world. Smooth, creamy, fruity, icy, nutty, the … Continue reading Anita Gelato

Brilliant latte art, coffee and food @ Zenius Cafe, Chippendale

We found this cafe via some of the baristas we follow and were inspired to visit from some Instagram photos that showcased some incredible latte art. Whilst at the cafe, the barista delivered a few different artworks in our coffees; a seahorse, a bee, a bunny and a monkey! They use deluca for their coffee … Continue reading Brilliant latte art, coffee and food @ Zenius Cafe, Chippendale

101 Kissa Cafe

This quaint little cafe is just off Abercrombie St in Chippendale. It is simple in its decor, but bright and open with nice little decorative touches, like a bike on the wall and small succulents on each table. It is a cafe that could be described as Japanese and Asian fusion with some super interesting menu options. We … Continue reading 101 Kissa Cafe