Killiney Kopitiam now in Sydney

Killiney Kopi-Tiam comes to us from Singapore, where it became famous for its location on Killiney Road Singapore. It has been opened 100 years to this year and has spread across Asia and Australia – with stores in Melbourne and now Sydney. Located in Sydney in Chippendale on the ground floor of Central Park Mall.

Their menu has typical Singaporean classics at extremely reasonable prices to market towards the uni student-demographic of the area. They keep with heritage in their menu choices and we like the flavours in each dish.

As you enter you’ll see a self service machine where you can put in your order, take a seat and the chefs will carefully prepare the food for you.

For the mains, we tried a lot of menu options including:

Seafood laksa – a yellow egg noodle with s strong seafood bisque made of coconut milk and prawn heads, served with greens and filled with pieces of seafood.

Combination horfun – another Singaporean classic with flat noodles and a thick sauce, prawns and veggies.

Carrot cake (black) – this is not the dessert as you may expect, rather fried diced cubes of radish with garlic, chilli, fish sauce, onion and it was super flavoursome.

Mee pok, another classic Singaporean Hawker classic. A soup filled with noodles, chicken and fish balls, bean sprouts and greens. Note the restaurant is halal.

Hainanese chicken rice – we do like this for the their dish comes with well-seasoned rice, a soup of stock and healthy white poached chicken served on a bed of beansprouts, and a little chilli. This was my personal favourite.

Nasi lemak curry chicken served with rice and roti, as was the rendang. They serve a pretty good roti.

Prawn har mee, a plate full of two types of noodles, rice vermicelli and yellow noodles cooked with prawns, squid slices and plenty of egg.

For desserts we shared a few of their Star dishes; the Kaya toast, French toast and Durian pancake.

Kaya toast is well loved in Singapore so it’s no surprise it’s on the menu here. Thick white toast doused in butter and filled with a mixture of sugar, coconut milk, eggs to produce a sweet sweet sauce. Best served with a Killiney coffee.

Now Durian can be one of those things that is loved or hated. Primarily due to its might awful smell. However the fruit has a lot of health benefits and with a uniquely custard like consistency. Here they’ve sourced the best and made it into pancake (similar to the mango pancakes you’d find at a dim sum).

We tried an array of refreshing drinks including the Fresh cold lemon tea, Lime plum juice, Homemade barley as well as the ever popular Ice teh tarik, Ice Singapore kopi, Ice milo and Ice grass jelly.

The restaurateurs are delightful. Winnie took the time to chat through the menu options and concept with me.

Killiney Kopitiam

Address: Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale, Sydney

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