Where to go in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kaoshuing is the second largest city in Taiwan after Taipei and it is a port city. Although it’s a big city and quite spread out, trains get you around easily. There’s so much cool stuff to do!


Plenty of shops, art, culture and of course night markets.

The architecture here is also pretty cool! Just take a walk around the harbour and be inspired by their incredible buildings and art.


We went two places to shop: the Xinjuejiang shopping district and Dream Mall.

Xinjuejiang shopping district was more like streets full of independent sellers with bags, sunglasses and young fashion. Dispersed amongst here are night markets with food and bubble tea.

Getting there: Take the KRT to Central Park Station and follow the signs to Xinjuejiang Shopping District

Dream Mall is a gigantic shopping centre, the biggest in Taiwan (and east Asia). It is 12 floors full of shops and even has a cinema and an amusement park on the roof with dinosaurs, rides and even a Ferris wheel. We grabbed a ride on the Ferris wheel for $150 TWD pp and also fought each other on the giant robots.

Getting there: Take the KRT Red Line to R6 Kaisyuan Station and exit via Exit 3. Walk about 500 m to the mall.

Dome of Light

You can find this cool light art installation, called the “Dome of Light” at the Kaoshiung MRT Transfer station at Formosa Boulevard station (between Red and Orange line). It is made from individual pieces of coloured glass and it’s colours tell the story of human life in themes of water, earth, light and fire. Take a look if you’re passing through the station.

Pier 2 art district

A vibrant area, bustling with locals and tourists. It’s super interesting to walk around and see some amazing artworks on the outside of buildings, gigantic sculptures and exhibitions. See our detailed blog on this here:

85 Sky Tower

This is an 85 level sky tower with a viewing deck on the 74th Floor. It is also a hotel and has a few shops, a bar and a restaurant.


We stayed here and the room had an amazing view of the harbour (or city if you choose that option). Our room was on level 55. The room was spacious with a big marble bathroom all the necessary amenities. We made use of the gym and pool as well.

Lotus lake, Tiger and Dragon Pagodas

The Lotus lake is beautiful and is surroundedby many temples including the Confucious temple, the Dragon and tiger Pagodas and the spring and autum pavilions. Nearby are the ruins of the Fengshan county walls and gates.

Enter via the dragon’s throat, walk through and climb the pagodas. You exit via the tiger’s mouth. Entering a dragon’s throat and coming out a tiger’s mouth symbolizes turning bad luck to good fortune.

Getting there Take the THSR to Zuoying Station or TRA to Xinzuoying Station. You can then grab a bus, taxi or walk from the station to the lake and pagodas.

Tip – we found this great Wonton place via a tip from a friend. We tried wonton soup with egg and Tangyuan.

Feyang Wonton since 1953

813, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Zuoying Ave, 90號菜市仔嬤 左營汾陽餛飩 創始店

Where to eat

Seriously everything we’ve eaten is good. We haven’t been going to fancy places, we’ve eaten a lot of street food, drank a lot of coffee and certainly tried a whole lot of bread. So, our tip is simply to head to the night markets. Below is a few other standouts.

Ice Cream at Pier 2

Wu Pao Chun Bakery

Wu Pao Chun Bakery in Kaoshuing! We were in bread heaven. The most amazing and interesting breads to be had – edamame and tuna, earl grey and cranberry bagels, strawberry and cheese sourdough and more! Their millet wine, rose petals and lychee bread even won BEST BREAD at the 2010 Bakery Masters in Paris. It was pretty darn good.

Lemongrass hot pot

Seriously good hot pot! Comes with the soup and a generous portion of veggies, soy bean, noodles, tea and sauces. Order your selection of meat. This was $270 with beef. Very generous servings and delicious food


800, Kaohsiung City, Xinxing District, Yuzhu 1st Street, 19號

Delicious Korean food, the Bibimbap was amazing and packed with flavour and we also really enjoyed the vegetable scrambled egg.


Be sure to check opening hours. Lots of places are closed Monday and Wednesday’s.

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