Goodwood Bake shop

Goodwood is new on the scene in Marrickville, baking up a range of breads, pastries and sweet treats. Shelves behind the counter are lined with their breads; sourdough, rye, baguettes, miche and more. Their trolleys showcase the pastries; plain croissants, pain au chocolat, scamorza, ham and mustard as well as the specials for the week. … Continue reading Goodwood Bake shop

Kylon Eatery

My brother and I visited Kylon Eatery in Hurlstone Park over the weekend. I like the decor of the cafe with its plants, navy tones and brass cutlery. Given the spacing out of diners with Covid regulations, we choose to sit outside. Service is friendly and prompt and our coffee order is taken quickly. We … Continue reading Kylon Eatery

Brilliant latte art, coffee and food @ Zenius Cafe, Chippendale

We found this cafe via some of the baristas we follow and were inspired to visit from some Instagram photos that showcased some incredible latte art. Whilst at the cafe, the barista delivered a few different artworks in our coffees; a seahorse, a bee, a bunny and a monkey! They use deluca for their coffee … Continue reading Brilliant latte art, coffee and food @ Zenius Cafe, Chippendale